I have seen similar operations In US and Canada but this was Tremendously Professional - Rescued Ca

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کینیڈا کا یرغمال خاندان جس کو پاک فوج نے بچایا ، دیکھیے وہ کیا کہتے ہیں

See what the Canadian resident who was held hostage by terrorists, say about Pak Army and Muslims <3



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Re: Joshua Boyle's interview to media and praising Pakistanis

It looks like the interview was planted. Now the army is trying to safe their AASS***.

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Re: Joshua Boyle's interview to media and praising Pakistanis

He gave interview in Canada, he had no pressure to say good things about Pakistan.

Pakistan is trying level best to eliminate terrorism. Its Endia who promotes terrorism in the region.
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On what basis you can say that?

On the basis of that he is an Indian , you can clearly see that ,
Why the **** do he think that Pak army have to create a big scene to show that they are really against terrorist ? We don’t need a validation or stamp for that , there are bad people every where and in every institution so do in pak army , but as a whole pak army is one The most professional army in the world ,
I must say that in recent years I have lost some respect for them , i had much higher respect for them in the past , but i still have faith in them ,
zaggy aur ghazwa jaisay chootiooon ki batoon main na aaya kerain aap loog..

yeh heraam kay pillay hain... bhonkna inki aadat hai...

relax and chilll all Pakistani Brothers..