I don't understand why three time elected Prime Minister is not going to court against Daily Mail - Ayaz Amir


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Because the arrse hole would be humiliated. Unlike PK courts no conspiracy theories can forwarded, they would ask for receipts. This wannker has none.


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Excuse ...Because her wife is too ill..
By the way one day he said he won't talk about politics because of health of her wife and from next day all Sharifs talking about politics from London...

mubarik Shah

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Janab Ayaz Amir sahib , you know very well why NZ and family can’t sue because they will get humiliated .Uk newspapers always do their homework they know they can get sued if the publish wrong reports , This is UK not Pakistan where nothing happens.


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why NS should to court against a known tabloid who spread the jhoot. and why NS should
waste time on such rubbish news papers.