Hotmail hacked: Outlook and Hotmail, with technical problems


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Outlook and Hotmail, with technical problems


GRAPHIC. With the fall of Hotmail.

Email Users of Microsoft, Outlook , social networks reported in connection glitches. There are also flaws in the old Hotmail accounts. This failure has affected a lot of customers. "We have trouble getting access to email.'s May not be able to see all messages," says Outlook.

"There is a problem with Outlook at this time," reports the Mail homepage of Microsoft. Do not disclose the technical specifications of faults. Problems also replicated Messenger and SkyDrive . The Microsoft account provides access to "Status History".

Outlook responds. "We are currently working to resolve the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused," said Outlook users pdierion some explanations for the failure. "Thank you for your patience at this time," the message displays a link to theservice status .

In Downrightnow you can see the traffic drop Hotmail.

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