Head of MQM North America refers to Imran Khan as a "bast*rd"


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The head of MQM USA has referred to Imran Khan as a "bast*rd"


This is the same Individual who was caught telling lies the other day, when he said MQM was not classed as a tier 3 terrorist organization by the USA, when the court documents and confirmation from the US government agency prove otherwise:


The US government agency has confirmed in a recent exchange that MQM-A is not exempt from the tier 3 terrorist list:



Even on the latest review which took place on the 12th of August MQM is still not exempt from the tier 3 terrorist list:

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Brother Ali, they are slaves and support this Mafia MQM to get benefits in return. No ideology or vision. Jitna phudu awam ko banana tha bana liya. Most of their young generation don't even support them any more.


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ڈاکو قتل راج کے دن انشاللہ ختم ہو جائیں گے یہ لوگ کتنی دیر ظلم کریں گے