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  • Ali, please stop getting personal with members.

    If you have an issue. Please report the post and I'll take care of the issue.
    Big Guy I need some info from you. Dude when you receive 'mentions' by an uninvited id what's up with that. Lately I've been getting these mentions from 'Buturabi'. This person is not on any of my lists. If someone disagrees with my opinions they are free to do so. And I have a problem with anyone supporting current 'mafias' and anyone with any sense should & must support PTI & Imran Khan at least once and if they don't deliver they must be thrown out. But no way no how 'tried & tested' should be given anymore chances. Now brother please tell me what is the problem with this 'uninvited' & 'unwelcomed' person 'Burturabi'. Any comment/advice will be greatly appreciated.
    i wouldnt know which thread you are talking about unless you send me a link and post number.
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