Every corrupt politician in this parliament has dug his own grave supporting Nawaz Shariff & not TUQ

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Every corrupt politician in this parliament has dug his own grave supporting Nawaz Shariff.

Every corrupt politician has dug his own grave supporting a corrupt government and the most disliked and maligned prime minister in Pakistan history by asking him not to resign for the sake of defending democracy. Their concept of democracy is, " Government of mafia dons, for the corrupts and by the corrupts."

I advise every one of the corrupt politician to start ordering his/her coffin now because in the next general election they will be buried alive in the ballot boxes. The very poor people that they ridicule, mock and insult every day in the joint parliamentarian session will sign their death certificates, Insha Allah.

Pakistanis deserve better and not these crooks, thugs, embezzlers, gangsters and criminals to rule us.
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Despite all human beings having 100% identical DNA. I always believed that people of different nationalities are not the same. We also share 97% of our DNA with apes...
I think that some nations are superior and some are inferior. Like Germans and Turks are superior to Arabs and Africans. Chinese and Persians are superior than us and Indians. This view is also made stronger by looking at histories of countries like Germany, Japan, Britain, they were never slaves. Our slavery goes back thousands of years to Indo-Greek empires and more.
Slavery is inherited by Pakistanis, no matter how hard we try we will never free ourselves this is what current events are forcing me to believe. We as a people are deeply flawed.
The one thing that is interesting about IK is he wants to "Build a Nation" the only reason why I am going along for the ride is that am I wrong and is this even possible to build a nation out of slave minded people who have no self esteem.
Other than that, all these corrupts, rapists, land grabbers, thieves, in Parliament are well deserved by this country. Shitty countrymen deserve shitty rulers like Nawaz Sharif and dirty Ahsan Iqbal.

Saladin A

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Re: Every corrupt politician in this parliament has dug his own grave supporting Nawaz Shariff .

Vitamin_C: You should start taking Vitamin-E to improve your brain power and abilities. We are all born with equal and no race, people or a nation is superior to another because of its pigmentation, ethnicity or racial origins. We are what we are because we make our destiny and succeed if we work hard and have determination to succeed. We are good because we do good to others and want to be good. We are bad and evil because we do evil to others and want to be evil. A thief will seek a friend who is a thief and an evil parliamentarian will support another evil parliamentarian because they both will steal, cheat, deceive, embezzle and loot.

I wish that the Pakistani electorate use their intelligence in the future and kick out every corrupt and evil politician entering parliament.
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