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Nawaz has failed to persuade Ch Nisar in today's meeting. Ch Nisar insisted to respond to the provocations by Itzaz Ahsan.

Ch Nisar has asked the interior ministry to collect the information about the properties of Itizaz Ahsen and his LPG gas quotas. It seems Ch Nisar wants to go for full frontal attack on Aitzaz now.

The result of such attack would be a retaliation from PPP. The game of Zardari has started. He after re-assessing current political situation decided to take advantage of it. PMLN's failure to stop the agitations against its government despite using force and killing many people. The steadfastness of both Imran Khan and TUQ to keep the pressure on is proving that Nawaz cannot handle the situation and probably he wouldn't survive the pressure.

In such circumstances Zardari cannot afford to side with PMLN. Zardari was under pressure from PPP leaders from Punjab. They demanded PPP shouldn't help PMLN otherwise it would cause massive damage to PPP's chances in Punjab.

I think Zardari had been swayed to their thinking now. The first evidence of this change of tactics appeared when couple of days ago Aitzaz Ahsen instead of Khrusheed Shah addressed the Parliament. His provocation proved unbearable for Ch Nisar to handle and he ended up responding to it through a Press Conference.

In response PPP asserted more pressure on Ch Nisar through yesterday's salvos. First Khursheed declared Ch Nisar a Judas and then Aitzaz attacked, mocked, insulted and provoked emotionally volatile Ch Nisar. Those efforts succeeded and Ch Nisar took the bait.

PPP wants to escalate the confrontation to provide them the excuse to withdraw their support for the Government.

Aitzaz has already given the glimpses of what could have happened, when he yesterday given the fright to Nawaz by declaring that he could bring an immediate down fall of the government; most of the opposition lawmakers would boycott the Parliament with him except Achakzai.

Zardari is playing a smart game and Ch Nisar has been targeted purposefully. Some of the unintelligent leaders and ministers of PMLN were mistakenly thinking that they are out of the choppy waters. They started to taunt the protesters in their usual obnoxious ways. Ahsan Iqbal got bold and started to taunt PTI, out rightly denying the rigging in the last elections.

The reality would hit them hard today. They are still in deep troubles, even more than before. They had many other set backs. First their lies about the visit of China's President were exposed. Then the reality of the alleged $36 billion investment was also exposed. Proving that the leadership of PMLN is planning a day time robbery in the guise of investment.

Their lies that they have accepted 5.5 demands of PTI were exposed too. Their written response from PMLN proved that almost none of PTI demands are accepted including the investigations of the vote rigging. Contrary to PMLN leaders claims in the media, in their written response they have out rightly denied rigging. If rigging is denied then there is no question of investigation.

PMLN leaders tried to act too smart for their own good. Their stupid attitudes had been the reason of their downfall in the past and it would be cause of their downfall once again.

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I never thought I would say this but Asif Ali Zardari has shown more political acumen than everyone else.


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Lets see what new turn of events take place on Monday, maybe the floods dampen the mood and Ch Nisar takes the bitter pill of shame and keeps mum...
Zardari is part of Status Quo and no body here in the Parliament wants new elections, its just business as usual similar to MQM's treat of resignation trying to get more concessions at the time when the PML-N is willing to please all ....
Except those who they have wronged protesting outside against the Gov to address their genuine grievances .....
No ministries or kind words for them just tear gas and rubber bullets ...and scorn....