Capital Talk - 29th August 2011 - Moeen Uddin Haider - Interviews of kidnaped persons.


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There is nothing more complex than a human mind. Butchering others muslims while fasting as well, is beyond understanding. I dont know how their minds justify their actions.
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M javed

This stupid anchor must not have shown interviews of these people who escaped from torture cells.

Hamid Mir did not imagine how much blood-shed these interviews can ignite.

These anchor persons must have proper education and a code of conduct to protect the lives of the vulnerable people.

Such programmes create hatred and incite vengeance among the people instead of developing mutual respect and harmony.



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@ javed. am not agree with u. With this video real face of mirza and aman commatiee was also shown.Mirza was also involved in killing of innocents peoples. In yesterday conference he present himself and aman comatiee as innocent peoples, but this video is showing the true face to whole Pakistan. Am not with MQM nor with PPP , but all the peoples who r only blaming MQM for all this **** should realize that MIRZA is not hero, he is just trying to save his aman comatiee terrorists.
Nawaz shareef paid Rs18 lakhs + tax,for which documents has been submitted by Khawaja Asif in Programme Off the Record A month Back.So This list is a fake and unreliable propaganda and not a trustworthy docs,and to be discarded at all.


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Koi Gerat mand Armi gen bhi yeh program dekh raaha hai ya nahi? Pasha sahad aur kiyani ke liye to Dil karta hai Curiya banwa kar do...........very Shameful Darpook buzdil:angry_smile: