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    Karachi: MQM Leader Farooq Sattar talk to media

  2. A

    رسول اللہ کی شان میں ایک ہندو جھوم اٹھا

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  3. P

    Main Wanted Man in Mushtaq Raisani Mega Corruption Case Arrested

  4. Geek

    Baloch separatists willing to talk peace

    QUETTA: A Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) senator in Balochistan has disclosed that Baloch insurgents are willing to negotiate with the government about the possibility of joining the federal framework. While talking to the media here on Monday, Senator Haji Lashkari Raisani said that he was...
  5. Z

    Why all Media Anchors from daily talk shows are explaining that we are not againts MQM, Are they sca

    Why all Media Anchors from daily talk shows are explaining that we are not againts MQM, Are they scare from MQM.
  6. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 7th Sep 2011 - Mustfa Kamal & Muhammad Malik - Did Mustafa Kamal Reply to all allegat

  7. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 6th September 2011 - Gen. Abdul Qayyum & Gen. Talat Masood -What Is The Biggest Thre

  8. lafatah

    To; PTI supporters, enough talk, time for some action

    Guys and ladies, We have spent years and months, supporting this party and for the past few months it feels like that PTI might actually be able to make a difference (Inshallah) this elections. Imran Khan is getting popular by every minute and he will cause a hole in the exisiting political...
  9. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 5th September 2011 - Lashkari Raisaani & S M Zafar - Now Lashkari Raisani Speaks out

  10. Z

    Imran Khan = HOPE - Everyone's eyes are on him (Clip from Capital Talk)

  11. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 1st September 2011 - Kashmala Tariq - How Eid Passed?? In Disappointment or hope??

  12. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 30th August 2011 - Nazir Naji, Mujeeb shami & Orya Maqbol Jan - Loose Talk

  13. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 30th August 2011 - Justice Tariq Mahmood - Alliance of MQM & PPP after Eid

  14. sherazopel

    Mass graves in Occupied Kashmir -This is What Marvi Sarmad doesn't want to talk about....

    This is What Marvi Sarmad don't want to talk about.....
  15. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 29th August 2011 - Moeen Uddin Haider - Interviews of kidnaped persons.

    Capital talk - 29th aug 2011 - p3&channel=shoxee0075&archive_id=293777513
  16. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 28th August 2011 - Zulfiqar Mirza, Hassan Nisar, Ansar Abbasi & Abdul Malik(Must Must

    Complete In Parts Watch this too...recommended.
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    Junaid Jamshed Latest talk on Islam and Pakistan

  18. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 25th August 2011 - Imran Khan & Roedad Khan

  19. Pak1stani

    Are MQM leaders in hiding OR avoiding TV talk shows ?

    Recently I have noticed the absence of MQM leader from TV talk shows. Baber Ghuri, Waseem Akhter etc. Are they went underground in hiding or avoid tv talk shows to avoid key questions about MQM role in Karachi violence and giving ethnic color to current situation by Altaf Hussain.