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I am no Amir Liaqat supporter as I'v seen him rising out of blue as a part of pentagon's post 9/11 agenda along with Geo TV and Ghamadi etc.

but this guy (host Tahir Aslam Gora) is even bigger criminal. he fled Pakistan in 1990's due to Salman Rushdi type writings.
ever since 9/11, he has been writing against Islam, just google it. he is so sick that you will forget Amir Liaqat.
I don't know why a Pakistani forum is promoting him.

here is one of his writing in 2007, title speaks for itself.


We need more Rushdies
Tahir Aslam Gora
Published on June 25, 2007
Once a fellow writer wrote to me: "You, Irshad Manji, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Salman Rushdie and others criticize Islam in order to obtain attention from the West." Another writer wrote claiming that you need only write critically about Islam to be a successful author.
This is a very popular assumption among Muslim scholars, and even within non-Muslim scholarly circles.
The assumption found a little more weight recently when famous author Salman Rushdie was given Britain's award of knighthood. Immediately, the parliament of Pakistan passed a resolution stating that honouring Salman Rushdie offended Muslim sentiments.
Many still think that Salman Rushdie has been rewarded because of his anti-Islamic views. This is another difficult situation for Salman Rushdie, the Britons and westerners in general.
The Muslim world got an issue to respond to immediately. Pakistan's parliament put all crucial matters to the side, including the question of its own legality, and came up with the condemnation of Salman Rushdie.
The question arises: Should Salman Rushdie, who was an accomplished and well-recognized writer even before the controversy of The Satanic Verses, not be awarded a knighthood in fear of Muslim backlash?
Three more questions arise at this point: Did Salman Rushdie really write The Satanic Verses to get world attention? Are other writers such as Taslima Nasreen, Irshad Manji and Ayaan Hirsi Ali well known around the world because they write about Islam? And why are their views deemed an insult to Islam?
If we stop recognizing the contribution of great writers and artists just because of controversy, then the backlash fear would grow and grow. Salman Rushdie likely didn't write The Satanic Verses in order to get world attention. He was very well known before, thanks to his works such as Midnight's Children. Rushdie simply narrated some facts of Islamic history, mixed with fictional fantasy in his controversial novel. It was a creative and bold expression. But the uproar was not, and still is not, understandable.
Most in the Muslim world haven't read this book. But the hue and cry against the author is everywhere.
Like Mr. Rushdie, those other controversial authors I mentioned have not been recognized just because they write about Islam. They are good writers, they have a long history of struggle and have been activists for many years.
There are hundreds and hundreds of other progressive writers on Islam, but they don't get the same attention because they don't have the same talent. Being a successful writer is a great art.
So why are their views deemed insulting to Islam? Because any questioning has almost been ruled out in Islam. Nobody dares to question sensitive aspects of Islamic history within Islamic scholarly circles. When intellectuals such as Rushdie, Manji, Ayaan or Taslima stand to ask questions, the Islamic establishment gets upset and abandons logic. They issue fatwas, resolutions and condemnations. Because they simply don't have any answer. They have never been taught reason. They know only absolutism.
The remedy for this absolutism is thousands of Salman Rushdies, Irshad Manjis and Ayaan Hirsi Alis across the Muslim world, shaking this totalitarianism.
We will see real change in the Islamic world when progressive writers are recognized by the Muslim Kings, rather than being recognized only by the British Queen.
[Tahir Aslam Gora, a Pakistani writer in exile, lives in Burlington, Ont. He is the author of several books and is now working on Why Islam Needs to Evolve. Tahir Aslam Gora's previous article in MM can be reached at: http://www.mukto-mona.com/Articles/tahir_aslam/islam_evolve.htm ]
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One suggestion to all members....
i have wasted my time watching this programme please you do not repeat my mistake.
Your time is too precious to be wasted on these sort of crap progs.


i actually liked the discussion. and for the member who posted the huge article. ppl write all sorts of things.......the purpose of the program was to discuss the current situation being created cuz of amir liaquat.....lolz....i think personal attacks should be kept aside, and listen to what he is actually saying.
just my perspective ;P



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For those who have little or no time to go through the Book of Allah, here is what briefly is written in the Quran.


The Qur'an presents:

A living and Lasting God (2:256)
The Lord of all creation (1:2)
The Gracious, the Merciful (1:3)
The Almighty (29:43)
All-hearing, all-knowing (5:77)
The Wise (34:2)
The Forgiving (34:3)
The Bountiful (27:41)
The Loving (11:91)
The Creator, the Maker (59:25)
The high, the Great (2:256)
The Holy (10:69)
The Lord of all praise, Owner of all glory (31:13)
The One, the Supreme (39:5)
Who is free from all wants (64:7)?
Begets none and is begotten by no one, and has none as His equal (112:4-5)
Who guides men 10:36, 33:5)?
Hear prayers (2:187)
Speaks to such of them as fulfil His covenant (3:77& 42:52)
Punishes the transgressors (48:18)
Reward those who do good (6:84)
Love those who do good (2:196)
Our attitude towards Him has to be that of complete submission (3:20)
Allah has created all men from the same stock (4:2)
Allah has divided them into different groups so that they may know one another, and that the best among them is he who best performs his duty (49:14)

Allah has given us detailed instructions as to

How we should treat our parents ( 17:24-25)
Our near and dear, neighbours, orphans and the downtrodden (4:37)
Our Wives (2:188,4:20)
Our Children (6:153)
Our Widows (4:20)
Our enemies (5:9)
Our companions (24:61, 58:12)

Allah tells us:

To be truthful (9:120)
To shun lies (22:31)
Not to commit adultery (17:33)
Not to commit theft (5:39)
Not to commit Murder (6:152)
Not to commit breach of trust ( 8:28)
Not to be dishonest (8:59)
To keep away from all that is vain (23:3)
To fulfil our covenants (5:2)
To strive for increased knowledge (20:115)
To do justice (4:59)
To be benevolent (16:91)
To be steadfast (3:201)
To be thankful (39:67)
To admonish others to do good (16:126)
Not to preach that we DO NOT practice (61:3)
Not to be haughty and vainglorious ( 4:37)
To be neither miserly nor spendthrift ( 17:30)
To be humble (25:64)
To speak kindly (2:84)
To suppress our rage and forgive people (3:135)
To repay evil with good (13:23)
To be united (3:103)
To DO NOT backbite (103:2)
To spend wealth for the cause of Allah (2:262)
To spend wealth for the poor and needy (2:272)
Not to ridicule one another or call names (49:12)
To fear none but Allah (2:41)
To eat pure things (2:169)
To remain clean (2:223 & 74:6)

Allah further says:

All your deeds, even if they are as minor as an iota, must visit on you (99:8-9)
That all that is on the earth carries the seed of destruction (55:27)
That the haven and earth have not been created in vain (38:28)
That just as He started the cycle of creation so shall He reverse it (21:104)
He, who created you the first time, will again raise you to life (17:52 & 19:67)
The fact that you cannot conquer death shows that there is a purpose in it (56:88) etc. etc.We are not to live longer
Start living by Qur'an, the only perfect and detailed book of guidance on earth.
Please remember
ISLAM is not a new religion and Qur'an is not the first book of Islam.
The only religion prescribed for the mankind and carried forward by Hadrat Nooh AS and Hadrat Abraheem AS is ISLAM. Qur'an is the last and final book in the series of Divine Books.
Non-Muslims may also update their faith and follow the latest version of Divine laws.


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i've only seen the first 2 parts so far....lolz.....can't watch serious shows for too long ;P
anywayz, i think they have a valid point that yes our so called "Alim-e-Deen" have 2 faces. on one side they declare that they are among the highly spiritual people, and then they portray such actions which are totally opposite of what they claim.
like for example, "Dr." Ami Liaquat - false degrees, then political propaganda, MQM, etc
then comes Tahir-ul-Qadri - claims to be a saint, but is the most disgusting person you'll ever meet.
and so on a so forth, be it Molvi Diesel, or Dr. israr or Maulana Modoodi they're all crooks
these ppl take advantage of everything and i mean everything!!!

like recently i heard in the news that you how it was popular in Pakistan that Mullahs molest young boys who come to madrasa's; well now there was this one Maulana and Imam Majsid arrested in canada for molesting 5 boys who used to go to this "Islamic centre for kids"

Now as for the younger generation like my self, if we are to tell someone that Islam is most beautiful Religion in the world, and that Muslims are the most pious people on this planet. you probably know what the answer is gonna be.

iunno guys....i mean just look at this thread by it self.....the first post makes a personal attack on the host and then the person who wrote in red, i'm not sure why he/she is soo upset when people talk, i mean you're talking too, this is an open forum is it not?

and omg i have never written such a long post......lol....so i hope if not all of my post some parts would be agreeable.

May Allah Guide us All to the right paths. Ameen


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So what is the out come of this program.

Can someone please put a little summary

lol......i think at the end it proves that the Prophecy of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are being fulfilled as it turns out that indeed the Ulema-e-Karam of this time will be the main cause of Fitna in the world. and guess what, thanks to Dr. Sahib, it's more clear now.

inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon


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Mullayat/Taqleedis have a normal methodologies of condemning and abusing when any view based on Knowledge is put forward.They are not competent to face the Present challenges HUMANITY is facing so easiest way is to misguide masses on the pretext of Riwayat,Traditions and Taqleed.This game is on and on since 3rd Century of Hijrah.Pashwayat has monopolised it and has made it matter of life and Death as their survival is totally dependent on this self designed religion which is by and large contrary to QURAAN.The result is obvious as stated by Quraan, that such natios have to be replaced by better one.

The whole Muslim world is in worst state of affairs because of their(Mullas,Peers and so called Religious Scholars) misguidance in the name of Riwayat,Fiqh,Sharia as defined and devised by them.The whole Muslim Ummah which is supposed to be follower of Quranic Guidance of Tawheed is divided into 72 conflicting sects,killing each other,reduced to rotten community ,could be wiped out in just few seconds by so called INFIDELS.They have no shame and instead of doing introspective analysis and evolve a balanced progrssive strategy to develop Muslim Ummah as per Quranic guidance ,they have veiled Quran itself by misinterpreting the spirit of Quraan and the True Essence of Islam.

Quraan is very emphatic in stressing the use of Knowledge/Wisdom/Logic,acquire latest knowledge and discover the Nature (Taskheer e Kainaay)and transform this planet into worldly Janah and be the Best Modle to the Humanity(IMAMAT in words of Iqbal) but instead they are fighting on Rituals and each one is having his own Dairh eent ki Masjid.So called Kafirs are discovering the Universe,landing on Moon and Mars and we are drowned in the Jahalat, divided and fragmented into sects,dying a slow Death.Those who dare to deviate and differ with their degenerated thoughts ,they start a negative aggressive movement playing with emotions of innocent people, and calling that productive and progressive FIKR as Propaganda.
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No matter what "Amir Liaquat" is crap, hypocrate and with many ugly faces....he should be handed till death, Period! so no body will do the same what he did many years with us.


Such a useless discussion. These so called intellectuals are more dangerous than Aamir Liaqat as they spread more poison. Just look at the article posted here of this fake "Gora". The host needs serious psychological treatment. I challenge that this is a propaganda organ of Ahmadis.