Apas Ki Baat with Najam Sethi - 4th September 2014

Talwar Gujjar

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Forget about Qadri. He is a nausarbaaz. He will never admit his role as a conspirator. But what about our Quaid-e-Azam sani. Is he going to have any courage to admit his failing. If he has any shame he should go home unconditionally, apologize to the nation, and start over.
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Azaad Alfaaz

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did you check his whole argument was base on Javed hashmi ,, sazshi ho rahi hai foj see ,,,
When shabaz shraif went to GHQ and meet with army and made many plans. where was javed hasmi ?? and Najam seti??
where was Najam seti and Javed hasmi ?? when One phone cal was made by gen kiyani to help nawaz plan to bring **** judge iftikhar choudo .. These kind of hipocracy ,,, chor michay shor ,,, Spit is due on Javed hashmi and Najam seti and plmn fans

Yes, he is in UK, and you are in USA. :-)