Aik cheez aur teen cheezain

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(This the forum that I live and breathe on so indulge me please)

I am posting these thoughts with complete sincerety and try to understand the spirit. I am a little concerned for them to be misunderstood.

Nabi hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) nay yeh faraz kabhi ada naheen kiya:because he never kept any thing for more than 3 days in his home.

Woh aik character jo Allah tama jahano kay Maalik kay pass naheen: because he can not be humble in front of any one.

I have this one takkabur, that Allah is my Rab and I have this undaunting pride that He is the One I pray to for he is the Only One who owns everything that exists anywhere.

Thus if any one of us pocesses these 3 things, that is Aajizee infront of Allah, Takkabur that Allah is my Rab when dealing with fitna and pay my Zakat/ or never have to because we give all away, then I am sure as the day I will be called infront of my Creator that we can not fail.

Tall claims but we can all try to achieve them.


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I am afraid that you are wrong in your assumption and wording also and you are
also misuderstood as you say:
i) Zakat: This is your wrong assumption that Prophet(PBUH) never gave Zakat because
he did not have anything for more than three days. I do not know from where you got the
concept of Three days. In Quran it is written that Allah gave him abundance, as spoils of war,
and made him Ameer (Ghani), so logically he must have fulfilled this Fareeza also.
ii) Aajizee:. Khasayeen (being humble) is the characteristics or one of the characteristics
of Believers and one who has the feeling/conviction that one day he has to meet His Lord
for all accounts, creates the aajizee.
iii) Takkabur: Either you wrote this word wrong it should have been "Tadubbar"(Pondering).
Takkabur (being Proud) is the first sin which Allah(SWT) did not like. and Iblis committed it.
Lastly: Failing or succeeding on that DAY depend upon the "wholesome account of many things"
rather these three things.
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