10 new trains cause a loss of 17 crore

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technically speaking every train in Pakistan is going into loss we have to see which of them are making less loss and just few days back standing committee was informed that only 4 of these are going into loss


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Railway kay mulazim corrupt hain warna jitney passenger hotey hain koi bhi train nuqsaan mein nahi jaani chahiey. Jis train mein jao baithney ko to jagha nahi milti to phir nuqsaan mein kaisey.


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Aanida koi vi train chlaao to sare mil kur nachya karo us wich. Fir nuqsaan nheen hoy ga.
شریف گھرانوں میں تو میاں بیوی بھی ایک چارپائی پر فاصلہ ہو کر بھی ساتھ بیٹھنے میں شرم، اور حیا محسوس کرتے ہیں




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17 crore is peanuts. With a new product, the sales is a bell curve. Therefore in the starting you may incur a loss but you still have to keep it running for at-least an year to see the trend