1. C

    Quaid e Azam ordered withdrawal of Forces from Waziristan and Now ?

  2. News Beat

    News Beat - 31st May 2011 - Haroon Rashid & Masood Sharif- Why Military Launched Operation in N. Waz

  3. Reporter

    Reporter - 31st May 2011 Imran Khan - Murder of Journalist Saleem Shahzad and Operation in N. Wazir

  4. PkRevolution

    ARMY must consult Pakistani Parliament and get vote before starting another military operation in Wa

    We are not ready anymore for imposing new military operations without pre Vote from Parliament. When USA asked Turkey to join WOT they went to parliament for vote and they rejected any involvement in WOT with huge majority . Pakistan Army and defence institutions should learn to respect their...
  5. News Watch

    News Watch - 30th May 2011 - Budget, Peoples & Situation of Waziristan

  6. Geek

    Nato choppers again violate Pakistani airspace in North Waziristan

    The NATO continues to violate Pakistani airspace as two helicopters again intruded into the Pakistani territory on Monday. Sources said that two NATO choppers entered the Pakistani airspace to hunt militants in border area of North Waziristan Agency (NWA). The NATO helicopters entered the...
  7. Lekin

    Lekin - 30th May 2011 - Hafiz Hussain Ahmad & Kamil Ali Agha - Budget & Extremism & US new Policy At

  8. C

    Pakistan to launch operation in North Waziristan: Report

    Beggars have NO CHOICE :rule: ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has decided to launch an air and ground military offensive in North Waziristan, the main sanctuary for al Qaeda and Taliban on the border with Afghanistan, a report in The News said on Monday. The United States has long demanded that...
  9. Jirga

    Jirga - 26th May 2011 - Haroon Rasheed - Who Are They?? Whom to Cause Loss From Karachi To Wazirist

  10. crankthskunk

    Possibility of operation in N Waziristan and Quetta: was this the main reason for the operation at A

  11. Wadaich

    How to Identify Terrorist Khwariji Takfeeris? دہشت گرد خارجیوں کی پہچان

    Today Madina-e-Sani (Pakistan) is facing the fitna created by Kharjis of Tehreek-e-Talibaan Pakistan and we are bleeding. May Allah (SWT) forgive our sins as a nation, and help our armed forces eradicate this fitna from its roots.
  12. Aaj Kamran Khan K Sath

    Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 18th March 2011 - Drone Attacks In Waziristan & Pak-India Peace ( Aman ki

  13. capre786

    Front Line - 30th May 2010 - How much harm has Pakistan's Afghan policy made?