Quaid e Azam ordered withdrawal of Forces from Waziristan and Now ?


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His critics gonna say that Quaid e azam was wrong,thats what we can expect from them, one thing i dont understand that people who support operation,are they wanna say that every person in waziristan is terrorist?if thats so then why all the fuss bomb them all, tomorrow if you find some terrorists in JHANG or any other city of punjab ,are you gonna bomb them with jets ,tanks and drones?EITHER ACCEPT THOSE PEOPLE AS OUR OWN PEOPLE OR BOMB EVERYBODY IN THEIR AREA


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That was right decision fro Qauid-e-Azam and now it right decison from current government.


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Waziristan people were called the Army of Pakistan without any salary.Wallah yeh din ba din Pak Fauj say halki halki nafrat c honay lagi hay.


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The Qaid understood the mindset of the Pathan's that they more you oppress them they the greater the resistence will be because these people just love fighting!

We need to handle them with kid gloves and win their hearts and minds! These guys will then happily fight and die for Pakistan because at heart they're patriots who liberated Azaad Kashmir.


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Our Great Quaid e Azam was a leader with vision, character ...his weight was only 48 kg but he was so heavy for all his opponent.......He was a brave person and knew the brave people of Waziristan,,,,But now we have Zardari / Gilani / Rehman Malik , Awan, Abdi , Firdos Awan ect ........Can u compare these to Quaid e Azam ???????? No never , ever ...