1. News Watch

    News Watch - 5th July 2011 - Withdrawal of US Army from Afghanistan, Solution of Load Shedding, Moni

  2. J

    Afghan Taliban will attack Pakistan after American withdrawal-- Maj Gen. Athar Abbas

  3. Wadaich

    US and Its Parasite India in a Fix Over Withdrawal from Afghanistan- Oriya Maqbool Jan

  4. BrotherKantu

    New US Afghan Policy - With Afghan withdrawal, US focus turns to Pakistan

    Apparently war will be moved from Afghanistan to inside Pakistan. Again it looks like Gen Hamid Gull (ret) is correct. Pakistani are not stupid.
  5. News Watch

    News Watch - 24th June 2011 - Withdrawal of American Army from Afghanistan & Pak India Dialogues on

  6. L

    Military chiefs did not advise US troop withdrawal

  7. L

    Panetta refuses to specify pace of Afghan withdrawal

    By Alan Silverleib, CNN June 9, 2011 1:19 p.m. EDT Leon Panetta, head of the Central Intelligence Agency, will replace Defense Secretary Robert Gates if confirmed. STORY HIGHLIGHTS The Senate Armed Services Committee questions the defense secretary nominee Panetta, 72, refuses to say how...
  8. C

    Quaid e Azam ordered withdrawal of Forces from Waziristan and Now ?