Possibility of operation in N Waziristan and Quetta: was this the main reason for the operation at A


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
It seems Mr. Hamid Mir is doing bidding for his friends in this article.

Anyhow, we are starting to get confirmation that Pakistani Establishment was aware of the incident, without shadow of a doubt. Please read the subtext rather than reading what Mir has overtly written.

1- He said even though the Radars were jammed, some military officials were aware of the presence of helicopters at 12:30.

2- Ok, so they knew, there was violation of Pakistani Airspace, not on the borders but deep inside Pakistani territory, but they failed to act immediately?

3- He also wrote (at least) one official was there on the scene around 1 p.m. when the operation was underway. The official thought it is Pakistanis operation but locals told him the Americans were there.

4- Right so one official knew at 1 p.m. that it was Americans operation. What did he do? Did he get on the line immediately talking to the relevant people for action?

5- Yes, according to Hamid Mir he did, and Air Force was alerted at around 1 a.m.

6- It would take not more than 10 minutes to scramble aircrafts.

7- Lets say if they scrambled the Aircraft, the helicopters were still in the area, what did the Air force do?

8- As I have shown with proofs, it will take anything up to 1hr30min or even 2 hrs for Chinooks to get back to their base.

9- The helicopters were in Pakistani Air Space at least for one hour or even more after this official alerted the higher authorities and Air Force was alerted.

10- Then Mir writes it was too late for Air Force to do anything.

Mir is doing the bidding for his benefactors. It is clear from this article by Mir; different groups have started to use their puppet journalists to repair the damage done to their reputations in Public Eyes.

No Mr. Mir, Pakistani Air Force could have easily caught up these Helicopters and destroy them if they so wish. Stop spreading misinformation.

I have now analysed three prominent Journalists work in two different threads.

Exposing their inaccuracies and blatant lies and proving how low the standard of reporting by Pakistani media is. They are incompetents who have their control over Pakistani media and are in prominent positions. All they do is do the bidding for their respective benefactors and fool Pakistani public.

Lifafa journalism Zindabad.


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Is Hamid Mir doing what his masters ordered and preparing the public in advance for the operations? If these Pak military wh*res on US payroll, do such a thing, what US wants to achieve of a no Pakistan in 2025, that scenario mite come early. US is making Pakistan destroy its own line of defense to implode later, US has proved for the past 10 years there only real target is to blame and shame Pakistan in the world. US wants Pakistan to weaken itself first, so that they can make the finishing touches later.