1. RiazHaq

    H1B Visa Abuse: What Do Software Engineers Earn in India and Pakistan?

    A segment of CBS 60 Minutes, top rated American newsmagazine on television, has recently brought sharp focus on H1B visa abuse. It alleges that the H1B visas are being misused by Indian body shops to bring low-cost Indian software engineers to the United States to replace higher-paid American...
  2. M Ali Khan

    Some Muslim Nations Silent on Trump Order

    Ummah (yapping) In Face of Trump’s Order, Some Muslim Nations Are Conspicuously Silent Leaders, travelers and residents in largely Muslim nations called the immigration order signed by President Trump racist, hateful and unhelpful for international relations. by Declan Walsh 29 January 2017...
  3. Y

    Pakistan passport ranked worst in the world (2015 ranking).Pakistan ranks along with Somalia, Afghan

    Henley & Partners, a global company specializing in residence and citizenship planning has published the Visa Restrictions Index for 2014. The index, done annually, ranks more than 200 countries according to the travel freedom that their citizens enjoy. Henley & Partners drew up the ranking...
  4. wasiqjaved

    Olympic Games 'terror visas' racket exposed by The Sun - Pakistani officials involved

    This is a first article published by THE SUN Newspaper today. Followup story (24 July, 2012) : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Olympic ‘terror visas’ racket Pakistan...
  5. abbasiali

    Breaking News: Etihad airways has started offering 96 hours Visa upon arrival for Canadian Citizen

    Breaking News: Etihad airways has started offering 96 hours Transit Visa upon arrival for Canadian Citizen. Folks I have got this news from very reliable source. Will update this thread with accurate terms & conditions, once will get this information in writing from Etihad Airways by tomorrow.
  6. hans

    Visa-free travel... countries one can go with out visa.

    The wanderers Visa-free travel AFGHANS hoping to embark on a grand tour of Europe, or any other continent in fact, are likely to find their wanderlust curtailed by immigration officials. According to an index compiled annually by Henley & Partners, a law firm, natives of Kabul, Baghdad...
  7. mohib

    India block Pakistan-born Usman Khawajas visa

    SYDNEY - Pakistan-born Australian batsman Usman Khawaja on Tuesday said he was being refused a visa into India for next month's Champions League Twenty20 tournament because of his country of birth. Khawaja vented his anger on social media site Twitter, saying India's visa department "need to...
  8. J

    India and Pakistan are likely to have a relaxed visa regime

    Come September, India and Pakistan are likely to have a relaxed visa regime that will facilitate easy travel for journalists, businessmen and senior citizens of both the countries. Source : The neighbours are working...
  9. Arslan

    Law & You - 2nd June 2011 - UK Student Visa law

  10. T

    UAE issues 'stapled visa' to azad Kashmir residents

    Islamabad, May 5 (PTI) UAE issues 'stapled visa' to AJK residents Islamabad, May 5 (PTI) The United Arab Emirates has begun issuing '''stapled visas'' to Azad Kashmir residents, including its ''Prime...
  11. karachiwala

    No Visa for US personnel without security clearence / How visas were issued to US personnel

  12. U

    Funny Interview for UK Visa - Must watch video, you will laugh endless

  13. Muhammad Ikhlaq Siddiqui

    Super Hilarious!!!!!!! Funny Pakistani Student Interview for Visa Comedy

  14. hans

    Finally, India card Rupay to replace Visa, MasterCard

    Read the underlined passage.. In respect to India and Pakistan strategy since 1947. Compare the ground scenario and see who is winning the actual War. "In the practice of the art of war, it is best to take the enemys country whole and intact. To shatter and destroy his country is inferior...