1. Matie Khan

    "Shuja khanzada was Super hero for me" Jehangir Khanzada,

  2. Matie Khan

    Watch Completely, Views of different Pakistani politicians about Taliban

  3. Matie Khan

    latvia female snooker player in Pakistan - Watch her Views About Pakistan

  4. S

    Young Voter of Pakistan Sharing His Views :)

    Young Voter Sharing His Views
  5. A

    Father of the Nation in the eyes of Father of President Zardari

    views of Hakam Ali Zardari about Qauid e Azam Muhammad Ali logon ki asliyat aur ghatiya soch dekh lo...ehsaan faramosh log...
  6. sarbakaf

    American Media Making Fun of Islamic Values, Sects and Beliefs-Marvi promoting their liberal views

    Watch the clip and decide your self.
  7. Arslan

    Views by Kamran Khan, Hamid Mir, Nazir Naji and Irfan Sidique on resignation of Zulfiqar Mirza.[1].flv
  8. Bilal_Mushi

    Najam Seth & Haroon Rasheed's views on" Return of the Governor" drama

  9. P

    Views of AFAQ AHMAD KARACHI BAR MQM Haqiqi .. he makes good sense..

    Afaq Ahmad make much sense.. thats why Altaf Hussain's MQM keeping him in jail since they been given power by Musharaf?? Afaq Ahmad represents urdu speaking .. MQM Altaf has just hijacked Karactians on gunpoint,, MQM takes Bhata on the name of Chanda, similarly they have registered people...
  10. A

    Need Provision to Remove own threads

    Need Provision to Remove own threads:lol: This is a good Forum to express one's views. One can also change the content or updating etc. Comments are welcome. However, this should also provide option to remove the threads by the contributors for whatever reasons. Maybe, for instance, because...
  11. c4cheema

    Clock is Ticking Against Pakistan - Dr. AQ Khan - Mohsin-e-Pakistan's views on latest devlopments

  12. ahmadalikhan

    Islamization of Pak Army: Two Opposite Point of Views

    If you read Nazir Naji's yesterday column and Ansar abbasi today's column, they seems to be totally opposite to each other on Islamic trends in Pak Army. I support Ansar Abbasi's point of view in this regard. while reading these articles plz keep in mind this verse of Allama Iqbal also...
  13. L

    Azizi's Views On Funny Videos &Pics Of US Army

  14. Aapas Ki Baat

    Aapas Ki Baat - 22nd June 2011 - Discussion On Zardari's Speech, Ch Nisar's views & Brig. Ali Khan

  15. Aaj Kamran Khan K Sath

    Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 25th May 2011 - USA & UK Same Views: We Are With Pakistan

  16. crankthskunk

    My opinion what our Army needs in light of Mehran Attack: Please share your views

    I am not going to ridicule Pakistani Army, the participants know my views about Kiyani, I think he is not only useless but he is not up to the job and should resign immediately. But problems would not be solved from his resignation. The problems are deep very deep indeed. And I am not talking...
  17. 4

    As nation we can change our views very quickly Amir Bhai Assalam ALykum Amir bhai apka program daikha imran khan k reply main world cup kay doraan k indian worlcup kar huq daar hy, magar apny jaldi kr di apny views denny main please ap khiyal kiya karrain kion k ap aur imran khan jessy...
  18. C

    Abbottabad Operation and Cabinet expansion - Your views on this article by Nazir Naji
  19. I

    Views On News - 27th Aril 2011 - Omar Cheema on recent political alliances
  20. Arslan

    Shame for All Pakistani Leaders, Lets watch our Politicans views on Dr Iqbal