1. Keepinformed

    Post your horror stories with crime and terrorism in Pakistan here..

    Apart from mugging of valuables like gold and mobile phones me or my family or anyone in the friends has not had any major incident in this lawless country YET. I was wondering if anyone on these forums has had direct or indirect experience while losing some loved one to these terrorists or hard...
  2. Bolta Pakistan

    Bolta Pakistan - 16th August 2011 - The Stories of Facebook & Twitter

  3. SaadKnight

    Stories of Mufti Rafi Usmani & Mufti Taqi Usmani

  4. K

    100 Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

    100 Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts
  5. H

    great love stories. why do its always a man that sacrifice??

    when it took a look at great love stories of the world ,i find out that most of time it was man that sacrificed.infact it was his sacrifice that made that love story a great one . very few times it was both man and woman that gave sacrifice for their love and rarely it was woman that...
  6. A

    Jisay Allah Rakhay... Woman catches toddler who fell 10 stories - Reports

    BEIJING (AP) A two-year-old Chinese girl left unattended fell 10 stories from her family's apartment window and survived after being caught by a woman passing by, state media reported Sunday. The toddler was in critical condition Sunday with internal bleeding and other unspecified injuries...
  7. MileStone

    Inspirational Stories

    Repentance of Malik ibn Dinar Shaykh Malik ibn Dinar (may Allah have mercy on him) was one of the renowned pious men of his time. It is said that in his early life, he was not a pious man and when someone asked him how he came to repent of his sins and abandon his evil ways, he related...
  8. karachiwala

    Stories of Prophets (A.S) & Sahaba (R.A)

  9. M

    Mothers of Pakistan sharing true stories of their childrens and thanking Mr. Imran Khan

  10. canadian

    Doha's Labourers Tell Stories Of False Promises !!!

    Dohas labourers tell stories of false promises Posted By DAWN.COM On April 28, 2011 | The marketplace in Doha's industrial area. - Photo by Nadia Zaffar DOHA: Beyond the rising facade of a modern skyline, down dusty roads lined with old car wreckages, lies Dohas industrial area. It is here...
  11. S

    Internet and its wrong Uses (Worth Reading Stories), especially for youth!!!

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum,
  12. biomat

    Dont Trust the Libyan Horror Stories

    Dont Trust the Libyan Horror Stories By Kevin Boyle on March 20, 2011 Kevin Boyle No One To Vote For March 20, 2011 On LBC (London Broadcasting) radio this morning there was a live poll of Londoners, the results of which were intermittently broadcast. At the end of the first...