Dont Trust the Libyan Horror Stories


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Dont Trust the Libyan Horror Stories

By Kevin Boyle on March 20, 2011
Kevin Boyle No One To Vote For March 20, 2011

On LBC (London Broadcasting) radio this morning there was a live poll of Londoners, the results of which were intermittently broadcast. At the end of the first hour the balance was 72% against military action, 28% in favour.
By the end of the show this balance had changed to 52% against, 48% for.
In the meantime there were also a stream of callers claiming to be Libyans who plied their way through a long list of absolutely horrific crimes of the Gaddafi regime including (for a taste of the horror recited):
A young boy was overheard making a phone call. The authorities went to his house, took him away, beheaded him and brought his head back to his mother saying she should give it to his brother to play with.
This kind of thing reminds one of the Kuwaiti Princess who went on world TV in 1991 alleging that Iraqi soldiers in a Kuwaiti hospital were taking premature babies from their incubators and killing them. This story was later proved (and admitted) to be a complete lie.
I called LBC to contribute to their phone-in to say this but they would not let me on air.
if such horrors were routinely occurring (as the callers allege) you can be quite sure we would all have heard about such incidents long before this crucial moment arrived.
Garnering support for military attacks matters. The British public (in London at least), it appears, are against this action and a media blitz of such propaganda is almost certainly on its way into your living rooms.
Dont trust a word these war-mongers say. Someone is trying to make your heart shed virtual blood in order that you will applaud the reality of real Libyans shedding real blood.


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Today once again these iligitimate sons of LAWRANCE OF ARABIA have invited the crusaders to save British Pertrolium (BP) and give business to western war machine making industries.

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