1. Abu Abdul Samad Khan

    Globalization and Role of Media

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  2. Muslimonly

    اسلامی حکومت کس فقہ کا اسلام نافذ کرے گی ؟ - 

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  3. Front Line

    Front Line - 6th Sep 2011 - Marvi Sarmad & Mufti Abdul Qavi - Personal Freedom, State and Religion

  4. sarmad

    Wikileaks: The chief minister of India's Uttar Pradesh state sent an empty private jet to get a pair

    Wikileaks: India's Mayawati 'sent jet to collect shoes'The chief minister of India's Uttar Pradesh state sent an empty private jet to get a pair of sandals from Mumbai, leaked US diplomatic cables say Ms Mayawati, an icon to millions of low-caste Dalits, rules over India's most populous state...
  5. Keepinformed

    Religion Ideology and State Affairs

    The debate is strong now days on whether Pakistan should be secular when it comes to running state affairs or make its laws based purely on Islam. My point of view is When you make religion as the basis running political and civil affairs of a nation, you tend to bind people with limited...
  6. A

    Pakistani courts let 3 out of every 4 terror suspects go: US State Dept

    LONDON: A US State Department report published last week said that Pakistan was incapable of prosecuting terror suspects, since three in four defendants are acquitted. According to a report in The Telegraph, in the State Departments 2010 report, the US criticizes its frontline ally in the war on...
  7. K

    Pakistan was supposed to be a secular state? Listen to Quad e Azam speech!

    watch this first Some people have really started thinking that Pakistan was supposed to be a secular state and it had nothing to do with Islam and two nation theory. But I argue that if it is so then there is no reason of existence of Pakistan. If...
  8. hans

    State of Paranoid Schizophrenia.

    Paranoid schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by delusions and auditory hallucinations. It is a chronic disease and the possibility of a cure is controversial. Delusions are basically beliefs about the world that are held by virtually no one else in the patient's culture. As...
  9. U

    Secretary of State's Pakistan Independence Day message

    Fawad Digital Outreach Team US State Department پاکستان کے یوم آزادی کے موقع پر وزیر خارجہ ہيلری کلنٹن کا پيغام پاکستان کے عوام کو، اس 14 اگست کے دن جب آپ آزادی کے 64 سال منا رہے ہیں صدر اوبامہ اور امريکی عوام کی جانب سے ميں آپ کو انتہائ مسرت کے ساتھ نيک خواہشات بھيج رہی ہوں۔ سال 1947...
  10. WatanDost

    India A super power or A FAILING STATE?

    Is India a Super Power or a Failing StateBy Mohan Guruswamy NEW DELHI, August 4: The term "failed state" entered our lexicon, initially, in the context of Somalia, Afghanistan, and now, increasingly, for Iraq. State authority and power are often confused as being the same. Authority derives...
  11. Nawazish

    Tens of thousands of Egyptian Islamists pour into Tahrir Square calling for a state bound by strict

    Islamists Flood Square in Cairo in Show of StrengthAmr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters A protester from a Salafist group, among the most conservative and puritan Islamist movements, shouted Koranic verses and held an Egyptian flag at a rally on Friday in Tahrir Square in Cairo. By ANTHONY...
  12. H

    "Tablighi Jamaat center breeding ground for extremists"- Rehman Malik

  13. mohib

    Hindu scripture order prompts row in Karnataka state

    Opposition parties and minority groups in India's Karnataka state are angry that the Hindu scripture, Bhagvad Gita, must be taught in schools. The state authorities recently directed schools to teach the Hindu holy book for three hours a week. Education Minister Visveswara Hegde Kageri said that...
  14. A

    Israel Opposes Palestine State through UN

    Israel Opposes Palestine State through UN :angry_smile: -DR. ABDUL RUFF ________ Israel that occupies bulk of Palestinian territories directly as well as through terror blockades, opposes establishment of Palestine state on Palestinian lands. The Zionist position has...
  15. crankthskunk

    Breaking News: Governor State Bank resigned

    Governor State Bank Shahid Kardar resigned from his position, ARY reporting. This is the third Governor who has resigned from his position because of failed PPP economic policies. They are pressurising State Bank for more and more money printing and loans to run the affairs of the...
  16. Skeptic

    Failed State Index

  17. A

    America is The Biggest Terrorist State of The World

    Sunday, June 26th, 2011 America is The Biggest T by Asif Haroon Raja Americas past and present testifies the fact that there is no country in the world matching its destructive oriented policies. The US is the sole country which annihilated millions of inhabitants of Nagasaki and...
  18. Aapas Ki Baat

    Aapas Ki Baat - 28th June 2011 - Discussion on Media Role, Recociliation Process in Afghanistan & St

  19. indian125

    Pakistan A failing state

    Comment is free Pakistan A failing state Share Comments (31) Editorial The Guardian, Wednesday 4 March 2009 Article history It is often said that two things bind a country as diverse as Pakistan: Urdu and cricket. After yesterday's shootout on the streets of Lahore, the list has...
  20. IndiaGuy

    The Funambulist State - BY PERVEZ HOODBHOY

    Hopes that Pakistan might abandon its policy of supporting jehadis with its right hand even as it slaps them with the left died shortly after the killing of Osama bin Laden by the US navys seals in Abbottabad. The worlds most prized fugitive was discovered ensconced in a mansion close to the...

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