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Hopes that Pakistan might abandon its policy of supporting jehadis with its right hand even as it slaps them with the left died shortly after the killing of Osama bin Laden by the US navys seals in Abbottabad. The worlds most prized fugitive was discovered ensconced in a mansion close to the famed Kakul Military Academy. But in spite of what columnist Ayaz Amir called the mother of all embarrassments, introspection and remorse were noticeably absent at the corps commanders conference three days later. Bluster dominated: the US would get a befitting response should it again violate Pakistans territorial integrity through unilateral military action.

The civilian government quaked as all this unfolded. It dared not suggest that the military was responsible for the putative intelligence failure. Tongue-tied for 36 hours, it awaited pointers from the army and then dutifully followed them. But the army was not satisfied; it wanted a proactive defence from the government. Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani made clear his unhappiness: Incomplete information and lack of technical details have resulted in speculation and misreporting. Public despondency has also been aggravated due to an insufficient formal response.

Thus prodded, a full eight days later, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani broke his eerie silence, absolving the army and the ISI of either complicity or incompetence. Before an incredulous world, he claimed both charges were absurd. And in a desperate attempt to spread the blame, he declared, This is an intelligence failure of the whole world, not Pakistan alone. In mutually contradictory statements, the government condemned the assassination while also claiming that the operation was carried out in accordance with declared US policy that Osama bin Laden will be eliminated...wherever found in the world, and that his death is a setback to terrorist organisations around the world.

The future? Though epoch-making, Osamas assassination will have astonishingly little impact on Pakistan, or even on US-Pakistan relations. Angry US congressmen have accused Pakistan of double-dealing, and moved a bill to cut off all aid. This is unlikely to pass. Osamas fortuitous elimination gives the US good cover to cut and run from an unsustainable war in Afghanistan. But until the US largely withdrawswhich will certainly not happen before 2014it will remain beholden to Pakistan for allowing nato supplies to be trucked across its territory as well as for limiting the operations of the Haqqani network (run by Maulvi Jalaluddin Haqqani and his son Sirajuddin, and allied to the Taliban) in North Waziristan. Even more importantly, it is nervous about Pakistans ever-expanding nuclear arsenal and does not want its working military-to-military relationship to end.

Pakistan has its own reasons to avoid a divorce. Its economy is dependent upon US largesse and could otherwise rapidly collapse. It also sees strategic depth in Afghanistan once again lying within the realm of possibility, but this requires US acquiescence. All things considered, neither side feels it can afford to really upset the apple cart.

The Pak-India balance will also remain stable. Abbottabad might inspire some Indians to dream about Muridke and Bahawalpur, where the Lashkar and Jaish have HQs. But Indians know that, should they engage in an Abbottabad-like mission, the Pakistani response would be differentand disproportionate. Where nuclear-tipped missiles are poised for flight across borders, it is wise to avoid such fatal fantasies.

One need only recall Operation Parakram, Indias response to the December 2001 attack on its Parliament. It saw India mobilise nearly half a million soldiers along the LoC to punish Pakistan for harbouring Jaish, which had initially claimed responsibility for the attack. When Parakram fizzled out, Pakistan claimed victory and India was left licking its wounds.

Thus, New Delhi is unlikely to emerge with major gains. Its major demandthe crushing of anti-India militant groups on Pakistani soilwill not be fulfilled in the immediate aftermath. Pakistans strategic culture remains predicated on countering India. Maintaining, expanding and upgrading Pakistans nuclear arsenal to offset Indias growing military strength will therefore remain key to maintaining balance. Frankly, India should blame no one but itself for having aggressively initiated the nuclearisation of South Asia, in which the ultimate winner has been Pakistan.

Pakistans generals are red-faced today, but they are practised survivors. Secretly sending militants and soldiers across the LoC in Kargil, profiting from A.Q. Khans sale of nuclear wares and giving tacit permission to the Lashkars operationsnone of this proved fatal when discovered. They will surely survive this crisis as well. For Pakistans people, it shall be business as usual. Unfortunately.



The author's view point is of one who is fully sold to the globalist and corporatist ideology. He might consider himself 'liberated' but the truth remains: he, among, many in Pakistan have damaged the cause of Pakistan and Islam at the root. These sham and pseudo scholars will always dance to the tune of the West and our Eastern neighbor. Readers, be aware of their propaganda and make every effort to neutralize their poisonous spew.


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The Pak-India balance will also remain stable. Abbottabad might inspire some Indians to dream about Muridke and Bahawalpur, where the Lashkar and Jaish have HQs. But Indians know that, should they engage in an Abbottabad-like mission, the Pakistani response would be different—and disproportionate. Where nuclear-tipped missiles are poised for flight across borders, it is wise to avoid such fatal fantasies.

One need only recall Operation Parakram, India’s response to the December 2001 attack on its Parliament. It saw India mobilise nearly half a million soldiers along the LoC to punish Pakistan for harbouring Jaish, which had initially claimed responsibility for the attack. When Parakram fizzled out, Pakistan claimed victory and India was left licking its wounds.

Thus, New Delhi is unlikely to emerge with major gains. Its major demand—the crushing of anti-India militant groups on Pakistani soil—will not be fulfilled in the immediate aftermath. Pakistan’s strategic culture remains predicated on countering India. Maintaining, expanding and upgrading Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal to offset India’s growing military strength will therefore remain key to maintaining balance. Frankly, India should blame no one but itself for having aggressively initiated the nuclearisation of South Asia, in which the ultimate winner has been Pakistan.

A good article and most of his observations related to India are quite right......


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Declare India a Terrorist State


By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
Claiming itself to be a democracy, the largest one at that, India sets standards for the world to follow in the domains of democracy, secularism and patriotism. Indian strategists believe that by aligning with India even USA and Israel could benefit enormously. India seeks to make their regular killing of innocent Kashmiris as a yard-stick to meassure Indian hatred for Islam and Muslms.

Loud talk of democracy and secularism in Indian streets are taken quite seriously by its neighbors, especially Pakistan and Bangladesh and their media, at least some of them, shower praises effortlessly on Indian system. Even though it made strides in all walks of life until recently, Pakistan joined the world chorus of “resurrecting democracy” which means rampant corruption and nepotism, state terrorism and anti-Islamism and combating Islam. As a result, Pakistan is gradually becoming a weak nation.
Poverty of Weapons?
Armed with latest weapons, “democratic” India occupies Kashmir forcefully, killing thousands of Kashmiri Muslims. Not only India glorifies terrorism, but it also finances it by paying huge sums to those who have got medals for exhibiting the terrorist skills like shooting and boxing in the just concluded 2008 Beijing Olympics. A whopping Rs. 50 lakhs to the shooting medal holder has been announced by central government without any audit objections. Provincial states also would announce equal amounts to the player who got a medal by playing for just a couple of minutes, while millions of poor toil for hours together every day without being able to meet both their ends. Known for its poverty record apart from criminal and state terrorist records, India wastes huge resources on conventional-cum-nuclear weaponization of the country. The amounts wasted on such glamour purposes could as well be spent on poor in the country. But premier Manmohan & Co propped up by the Indian big businesses and American transnationals that benefited from him as Reserve bank chief, Planning commission deputy chief and finance minister and now as premier, does not think poor merits any attention in India once the polls are over. Apart from poor, Muslims in India are the worst hit thanks to Indian anti-Muslim policies and practices both at the centre and states. Muslim representation in government sectors is meager but many Muslims are coerced by Hindus, directly and with the help of remote terror gadgets, to leave jobs, seek voluntary retirement, but they are never paid the benefits, in spite of repeated reminders. Indian can use their extra cash to pay the balances to them as well. If governments don’t want to pay their dews to Muslims, let them at least take care of other poor people. In the name of security and weaponization, Indan leaders loot the nation’s resources. In deals huge commissions are paid to the agents and brokers. However, India skillfully uses cricket matches to divert the popular attention from the fate of common people in the society of every raising prices
Greed for prizes, praises and awards
Any foreigner observing the Indian media both print and electronic would detect a strange phenomenon. Indians crave for fame, praise, prizes and awards and very badly. Lust for money is one thing that West has influenced the East about, but the neo-ambitions for prizes and awards at any cost is making a mockery of Indian mind-set. The way the media went about showering prizes on a person who got a gold medal at Olympics displaying his shooting ability, needed for terrorist activities, is nothing but amazing. Indian president made a special mention of it in her Independence day address to nation and now the government has decided to grant him a whopping 50 lakhs of rupees without any shy and any financial problems. Many Muslims have been forced to take retirement form services as per a long planned strategy to rid them off the government scene, and even retirement benefits are not paid for years together. Governments expect the Muslims to knock at the courts for that, but it can give such huge among to any one it wants without any reference to any agencies. When many people suffer without being able meet their both ends meet, the efforts to get some prizes and awards look funny indeed. Apart from shooting, another area which garnered the second bronze medal is boxing- the conventional ability in terrorism. This explains why this writer receives too many invitations from different national and international forums and agencies informing me of “winning” special prize’ or award. Many of them ask me to pay a fee or some payment to claim that prize and medal. One such invitation came from Cater Foundation Grant, but some amount was sought to claim the prize amount. But after a while it came to fore that the senders expected me to canvas for Democratic Party in the President’s run. One is astonished at the way the elections are conducted and won world wide.
Democracy and Decency

Over years since its independence from United Kingdom in 1947 and subsequent occupation of Jammu Kashmir, India has played its cards pretty well both at home and externally. It projected itself as a decent democracy caring for secularism and fellow Muslims in the country. It also cries loud that Pakistan has terrorized Indians and that that country sends “terrorists” to cross over to India to execute terror attacks. Indian media very sumptuously portray non-Hindus, especially the Muslims, are no promoting interests in India and abroad and they are “terrorists”. Of course, it can do even much more since Indian media are totally anti-Pakistan, anti-Bangladesh and essentially anti-Islam. There is not even a single India newspaper either in English or vernacular that talks well of Kashmiris, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. While the media in Kashmir have been bent to cater to the needs of New Delhi on wholesale as well as retail basis, one can see a few newspapers both in Pakistan and Bangladesh supporting India, its cause, its goals. But it is strange that in India, the so-called largest democracy that always blames its neighbors for its wrongs, there is not even one newspaper of electronic medium either in English or in vernaculars that at least indirectly talks nice of its neighbors. Ok, let them not support and praise Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir, but at least stop ridiculing and use filthy _expressions to describe them. When India intrudes into Pakistan or Bangladeshi territories, it clams it did so only by mistake. When Indian guns fire at Muslims on either side of the Indian borders, it again cites innocence. Indian media and foreign missions have successfully created the Indian illusion. “Muslims are bad guys, Kashmiris are bad guys and Pakistanis are very bad guys”. Every Indian journalist is allowed only to write praises about India as the ancient kings did. As a result foreigners read only the golden and silver pages about India while India cleverly hid the ugly sides of reality in India and Kashmir. Indian leaders, especially the so-called “patriotic” sections keep harping on “anti-national and “anti-India themes to gain popularity with anti-Muslims sentiments of electorates and that is illegal and judiciary should note this. The media men support such anti-human sentiments for making money and a name among the anti-Islamic forces. But neither leaders nor media lords have even pretense of elementary decency in public speeches and reporting on its neighbors.
Terrorism and Territory
tactfully annexed its neighbor Kashmir, heavily militarized it and killed the freedom fighting Kashmiris and also branded them as “terrorists” and “cross-border-terrorists”. Top of that, India accuses Pakistan and Bangladesh of training “terrorists” against “innocent” India. India trains all sorts of peoples, from terrorists to militants to fanatics to suit its national and international needs. But in order to cover up its nefarious activities it focuses on Islam, Muslims, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Hajj, etc. blames its neighbors and Indian intelligence agencies are frustrated over the strong lobbying for highlighting the Kashmir human rights violations at international forums by some NGO’s working in Europe and USA with the support of Indian human rights and Peace activists. A huge lot of resources are being wasted on propaganda purposes by Indian government directly throughout its missions and various NGOs and other secret agencies world over, including in Arab World. But it makes strenuous efforts to see that Muslims in India and Kashmir do not make any anti-India propaganda by placing before the world about the reality situation in the country. The intelligence wings in India have marked the Indian Muslims into different categories. The major chunk of Muslims is described as “terrorists”, spies and agents of Pakistan, Kashmir and Bangladesh. In order to create make believe strings, they link the freedom fighting Kashmiris abroad and their media supporters with ISI. Kolkatta based female Professor, who was reported to have strong links with Pakistan’s spy wing Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), an Ahmedabad based Advocate, a New Delhi based “human rights activist” and about half a dozen “influential persons” of Kashmir to carry out a strong anti-India propaganda on Kashmir and raise funds for the ‘terrorists’. A pro-Kashmir activist presently operating in USA, was said to have utilized all his resources in Europe for pro-Kashmir or “anti-India propaganda” and utilizing the occasion for raising funds for ‘terrorism’. Large sums are being cast and spent on intelligence networks and other secret services in India. Main talk assigned to them all is propaganda. Intelligence agencies, on the basis of newspaper reports, keep writing nasty about Muslims in and around the country. But they also focus on tracking those who oppose these ant-Muslim propaganda and report correct things about hidden Idna life. They don’t want any organization to support these ant-India propagandists. They seek action against a Netherlands based NGO, a Kolkatta based female Professor, an Ahmedabad based Advocate and a host of “anti-India Indians” who have joined hands not only to carry out strong “anti-India propaganda” in Europe but were also found in raising funds for ‘terror’ outfits operating in Kashmir. The Intelligence agencies try to block any funds for Kashmir freedom struggle. After obtaining a detailed report of “anti-India propaganda” and ‘terror’ funds raised in Europe they have written to the government to take action against the Indian citizens involved in the plot and cancel their visa. The Intelligence agencies have identified nearly a dozen citizens of India, who had recently joined hands along with some Kashmir based “separatists” operating in USA and London and a Netherlands based NGO, to project what they described “strong human rights violations” in Kashmir at different forums in Europe. They were also reported to have raised funds worth several crores through different forums for ‘terror’ funding in Kashmir. Now Indian intelligence agencies are badly affected by the recent discovery of secret grave-yards in Kashmir. Any movement any where exposing Indian misdeeds in general and against Muslims in particular is viewed by Indians with anger and criminal response. Accordingly, Pakistan Embassies in Europe have also played a significant role in “anti-India” resolutions including a warning to India that the country would be fully responsible if anything happened to Kolkatta based woman and a “human rights activist” of Kashmir, who continued to insist that a large number of people were missing in Kashmir while as the agencies have asserted that most of them have joined militancy and the number of “actually missing persons” was very few. India does not want any misleading information about this “democracy” or the “data far from truth” in Europe against India on Kashmir. The Government is likely to seek complete ban on any international aid for Netherlands NGO. The Ministry, sources revealed, was also actively considering cancellation of visa of Kolkatta based woman and Ahmedabad based Advocate. That is Indian brand democracy and secularism. It may be Ok that some of the media in both Pakistan and Bangladesh don’t hurt the minds and feelings of Indian strategists, and they try to appease Indan leaders and keep cool even in the thick of Indian criticisms and routine accusations of terrorist acts in India, Afghanistan and Kashmir, but it might help India to retain Kashmir any case. Now a few right thinking people do write about Indian real scene as it exits now, but Indians astonished at the facts being presented get annoyed too.
A Word
It is high time India realizes the crude fact that sovereignty, independence and freedom are the birth rights of every human being and nation. Kashmiris do have the same right. And any kind of misinformation about the freedom fighting Kashmiris will not work in favor of India, rather it will work against India and its global interests. By branding the freedom fighting Kashmiris whom Indian terrorist forces have killed in thousands, as “terrorists, and calling them as “separatists”, India, its intelligence, its media lords and leaders are not going to retain Kashmir under its nasty military boots. Daily murders are a common sight in Kashmir. What has been going on in Kashmir for the last two weeks is result of outburst of common people against Indian occupation and India has to vacate Kashmir earlier than later.

It is time UN declred India a state terrorist torturing and killing Muslims in India and Kashmir and encourage, through various ways, destruction of Jammu Kashmir and destabilzation of its neigbors


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Is India a terrorist state?
Patron Lt Gen (Retd) FS LODI discusses the reason for calling INDIA a terrorist state.
A leading US newspaper the “Los Angeles Times” (LAT) in a report titled “India’s Hands Aren’t Clean” in January this year, is of the opinion that India is indeed a terrorist state.
The US State Department describes the first tenet of its counter-terrorism policy this way: “Make no concession to terrorists and strike no deals”. So why didn’t the State Department complain when the Indian government struck a deal with the hijackers of Indian Airlines Flight 814 and agreed to release three prisoners in exchange for 155 hostages, says the LAT.
If you believe the reports, three dangerous terrorists walked free in exchange for the hostages. But these freed “terrorists” were never even charged, despite years in detention. Yet State Department officials did not point out that the release might encourage more terrorism. Nor did they call for hunting the three down, though they did call for the hijackers to be brought to justice. In fact, they said nothing at all about the prisoner release. This doesn’t begin to make sense until you release what was left unsaid and why, according to the Los Angeles Times.
It is this: The three men were not terrorists. Not only were they never tried or convicted of any act of terrorism, but they never even were charged. All three were arrested in 1994 or earlier. So the Indian government had enough time to file charges, if it wanted to.
“Their long detention was in stark violation of international law, which prohibits arbitrary arrest, requires charges to be filed ‘promptly’ and requires trial or release within a ‘reasonable time’” said the Los Angeles Times. Recognising this, the British Foreign Office announced that the one Briton among the three, 26-year-old Ahmad Omar Sayed Sheikh, is free to return to Britain, like any other British citizen who faces no criminal charges. If Sheikh does return to Britain, Indian officials could not seek his extradition without bringing formal charges.
If they did, Sheikh’s family, who have always protested his innocence, could contest the extradition on the grounds that charges not filed during the six years he was in custody but suddenly filed after he escaped are in all likelihood suspicious. The whole thing could blow up in India’s face, the report says, and Sheikh’s case could become a public reminder to the West, of India’s regular violations of international law in its treatment of those it arrests, particularly supporters of Kashmiri independence.
“Those simply detained indefinitely are the lucky ones. Many are killed as soon as they are arrested, while others die in custody”, the LAT says. “The government can pin wild charges on them because it never has to actually file the charges or try to prove them in court”, it adds.
For example, it says, Mushtaq Zargar, another of the three released, was arrested in 1992 and accused of being the ‘Chief Commander’ of a ‘terrorist group’ called the Umar Mujahideen. The same year, police arrested another man, Mohammed Zargar, and accused him of being the ‘deputy chief’ of the same Umar Mujahideen.
The day after confirming his arrest to the press, Indian officials announced Mohammad Zargar had been killed in an encounter “soon after his arrest”. It was an official admission of custodial assassination and was reported in the Indian press and picked up by Amnesty International.
Mushtaq Zargar merely languished in detention for eight years, until his release after hijacking. “Since neither he nor his dead ‘deputy’ was charged or tried, we don’t know if they really were terrorists or just Kashmiris whom the Indian government wanted to put away”, the Los Angeles Times says.
Another man, Sajjad Afghani, also imprisoned without charge for several years, was killed last June (1999) “while trying to escape” from a high-security prison. His death may have motivated this hijacking, according to sources in the Indian press. The hijackers demanded Afghani’s body and also the release of his colleague, Maulana Masood Azhar, whom they may have feared would be the next person to die “while trying to escape”.
All this, according to LAT, raises troubling questions, such as: when a state shoots people or locks them up indefinitely without due process, how is that state distinguishable from a terrorist organisation? Or when a state indiscriminately wields deadly violence against guilty and innocent alike, would it not generate such hatred against itself as to provoke desperate, irrational and dangerous responses? Like, say, hijacking a plane?
“So, if we want to prevent international terrorism, shouldn’t we be trying to prevent violations of international law by the Indian government as energetically as we try to chase down hijackers”, asks the Los Angeles Times forcefully.
Such inconvenient questions might stand in the way of the US State Department officials stated goal of “working with India” to “combat international terrorism”. And so they keep quiet, the LAT added with irritation. Inspite of India’s “democratic” credentials the world is increasingly taking note of her harsh and brutal behaviour particularly towards her religious minorities and the people of Kashmir. The official acts of suppression of the minorities in India has now reached such alarming proportions that a representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury found it necessary to publicly castigate India.
The Special Representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury Church in England, Rev. Canon Patrick P. Augustine slammed India for oppression of minorities and urged the world to put pressure on Indian rulers for solution of Kashmir dispute. Addressing a news conference at Islamabad during January this year Rev. Augustine, who is Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, said that Muslims and Christians minorities in India are not safe and being subjected to killing, torture and rape.
Talking about the situation in Indian occupied Kashmir, he said, that ordinary citizens are made to suffer and women raped. He said Indian occupation forces are targeting the young, torturing and killing them. Families and individuals are being forced to leave their houses and take shelter in refugee camps.
Recalling his visit to refugee camps in Azad Kashmir a week earlier, Rev. Augustine said he found that educated personalities and businessmen from the Indian held Kashmir were forced to migrate to Azad Kashmir and live in refugee camps. He lashed out at the world community for what he called “becoming silent spectators on the miseries of the Kashmiris.”
He said the long-standing issues like the apartheid rule in South Africa, and the complicated issues like East Timore, Kosovo, Bosnian and the conflict between Huto and Tutsi in Riwanda was settled while the Kashmir issue has been unresolved for 52 years. He said 700,000 Indian troops have been deployed in held Kashmir to crush the innocent people. He urged the Indian rulers to honour the commitments made with the Kashmiris by Jawahirlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, to withdraw occupation forces from Kashmir and allow the Kashmiris to decide their future.
Representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Church of England, said the so-called largest democracy of the world is making mockery of democratic values, and asked the Christians and Muslims in India to jointly resist the brutal policies of Indian rulers.
Rev. Augustine said that India claims to be the society of multi-religions, ethnicity and cultures but the situation on ground is totally different. He recalled how last year an Australian missionary and his two sons were killed and said the Australian national had been serving the Indian ailing community for 26 years.
He said workers of Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee’s BJP were involved in the killing. He also referred to the incidents of rape of nuns and attacks on churches. He said Indian government had not openly condemned these incidents, as its own members were involved in the attacks.
Rev. Augustine condemned India for not allowing human rights groups to visit Indian occupied Kashmir to witness the Indian forces brutalities in the valley. India should open its border and let the world know the realities in Kashmir, he insisted.
Aside from the Muslims and now Christians, India also persecutes and oppresses its lower-caste Hindus. It is a form of grave human rights violations sanctioned by their religion. These outcasts of society are also referred to as ‘untouchables’, because to touch them is to become impure and fall from grace in Hindu society and in front of the Hindu gods. These untouchables are denied the basic dignity of a human being and physically abused and economically deprived. Recent press reports have indicated that in many areas of India these lower-caste Hindus are trying to convert to Islam for a fair deal.
Terror implies extreme fear, terrifying person or thing and terrorism is the practice of using violent and intimidating methods, especially to secure political ends. India has created extreme fear in her minorities. Muslims were the traditional targets and now the Christians have been added. There is now growing international concern at the number of churches destroyed and the humiliation of Christian priests and nuns. The persecution of the lower-caste Hindus, sanctioned by their religion is a constant and age-old phenomenon.
The harsh and coercive methods employed in India’s eastern states and the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir have the sanction of laws passed only for these areas. These draconian laws are in contravention of all Canons of Justice and human rights and are in complete violation of International law. These must be condemned by the international community and India be asked to allow international agencies access to these areas so that the ground realities can be checked and reported.
India is also exporting terrorism to her small neighbour, Sri Lanka, where the Tamil Tigers are using guns against the duly constituted government. A few months back the President of Sri Lanka was attacked and wounded by the Tamil Tigers. The Tamils are a minority in Sri Lanka and are helped and supported by the Tamils in South India, where they are reported to be having their training camps and are supplied with guns and cash. As the guns and trained cadres cross over to Sri Lanka from India inspite of a strong presence of the India Navy it is evident that these terrorist operations have the support of India and are instigated by them. Recently two Indian boats carrying arms and ammunition from India for the Tamils in Sri Lanka were spotted by the Sri Lankan Navy and fired on. Both exploded and sank.
India has been using terrorism against her own minorities for many years now and also exporting terrorism to her neighbours. These facts are being investigated and commented upon by independent Western Journalists, observers and NGOs working for human rights and other humanitarian concerns. But the Western governments tend to overlook these reports for economic and strategic gains in the region. This surely cannot go on for long, as it amounts to doing business with the devil for immediate profit.
Recently Justice J.S. Verma a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India responsible for exposing the ‘Hawala’ bribery scandal, some years back, has castigated the government of India for state-aided terrorism. As chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission Justice Verma said that terrorism could not be combated by state sponsored terrorism as it would prove counter-productive. He was addressing the participants of a debate on “the concept of human rights in combating terrorism and militancy in New Delhi on Friday March 31, 2000.
Justice Verma said that while performing their duty of defending the unity and integrity of the nation, the security forces were entitled to use force but they should not use more force than necessary to contain the threat that they apprehend to the security of the country. “Always keep in mind that greater the power one has, greater is the self-restraint required”, he said.
Justice Verma went on to say, that experience has shown that any high-handed action by the security forces to contain terrorist activity has only increased the support for the cause espoused by the terrorist. Any person killed in fake encounter shatters the family members of the victim and gives them enough reason to join the terrorists in their activities.
Giving the legal and moral implications of encounter killings Justice Verma said. “Under normal circumstances the role of investigation, prosecution, adjudication and execution never rests with the same agency, which was not the case with fake encounters or torture in custody as all these roles were then usurped by one agency. Methods which were contrary to or forbidden under our own legal system, should not be done in other circumstances”, he advised.
India has got away with state sponsored terrorism for many years now, owing primarily to her size and economic potential which is a perpetual attraction for the trading nations of the West. The United States had delinked India’s human rights violation from trade with that country a few years back. The leading European nations, England, France, Germany and Russia are collaborating in joint ventures with India in defence production and other fields and would therefore not be inclined to rock the boat. The United Nations would therefore be the only organisation which could probably be coaxed to take some action. The UN Secretary General Kofi Anan while addressing the 56th session of the 53 member UN Human Rights Commission in April this year said. “When human rights are being violated the international community has a right and a duty to respond and come to the assistance of the victims”.
Recently the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland visited Chechnya and accused Russia of grave human rights violations. Russia has, therefore, been suspended from membership of the 41-nation Council of Europe. India has so far not allowed any outside humanitarian agencies to visit Indian occupied Kashmir or her eastern provinces to investigate human rights abuses. This should change soon as the world is becoming aware of the two faces of India.


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His real name should be YAHOOD BHAI not hoodbhai,he is no doubt the Mir jafer of today,dont know why our ummah is so self sufficient or so productive in having Mir jaffers

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India has no one to blame but itself. Ask yourself this who made the bomb first India or Pakistan.I rest my case...and people like Pervez Hoodbhoy and co can take a runing JUMP...