1. munaybhai

    Nawaz Sharif & Qadir Magsi have same size of Vote bank & Popularity Level

    Nawaz Sharif has no support in Sindh. NS who claims to be most popular Leader needs support of "C" Grade Failed so called Politician like Qadir Magsi who is against Punjab. It shows desperation of NS. Who has most disorganized party limited only in Punjab and in next election they will...
  2. swing

    avatar icon size

    waisay tou pichlay kafee dino say mayree requet aur suggestion baykaar he jaa raha hain magar phir b aik aur request hain yar kam az kam AVATAR ICON KA SIZE 120X120 KER DOO. 100X100 mai mayree creation phanss jatee hai. (bigsmile)
  3. 11th Hour

    11th Hour - 4th May 2011 - Hanif Abbasi & Mehreen Raja - Expansion In Cabinet Size