1. Adeel

    Facebook Bans Amir Liaqat's thread from our site

    It looks like the thread is banned. You can post it but it wont show on user feed. Me and several other fan page owners have tried this but it wouldnt work. This has never happened before. Other threads work fine except this one. Not sure who is behind this but We reloved the issue by...
  2. H

    Ufone Ka Pakistan An Awesomely Developed Portal About Pakistan. a must visit site specially for eve

    This independence day Ufone has taken much appreciated step by launching a portal about Pakistan. Well if you havent seen this yet, my suggestion is to give it a thorough visit and surely at the end you will end up saying, Well Done Ufone! is all about Pakistan and...
  3. Adeel

    Hindu Groups protest Muslim prayers at Toronto public school (Please go and vote on this site)

    Click Here to Vote Several faith-based groups protested outside the Toronto District School Board's headquarters Monday over Muslim prayers taking place in a Toronto school. For three years, hundreds of students have been praying in the cafeteria at Valley Park Middle School during their...
  4. S

    Why hacker group LulzSec went on the attack (CIA WEB SITE HACKER)

    LulzSec gained instant notoriety by targeting the CIA, multi-nationals and government websites. Then, at the height of its popularity, it disbanded. One of its founders tells why...
  5. S

    Pakistan Prepares to Thwart US Prediction of Attack on a Nuclear Weapons Site Soon

    It seems that the US is “planning” a “prediction” for an attack on Pakistani Nuclear facilities. As expected the US newspapers have begun to harp on the possibility of an attack on Pakistani Nuclear sites. Let the other shoe fall. This has been a prediction of the die-hard Pakistanphobes in...
  6. L

    U.S. Naval Ships Now Being Used As Secret Black Site Prisons!

  7. biomat

    Agent Orange Dioxin Barrels Seen Buried at Gainesville Koppers Superfund Site!! WAR CRIME

  8. Allama Iqbal

    Great Blog Site on Allama Iqbal Poetry...Must Visit

    This blog contains 9 complete books (4 urdu + 5 Farsi books) of Allama Iqbal. Now every couplet/shair of Allama Iqbal is on a link... I recommend all members to visit this. Regards,
  9. Nawazish

    Any fishers on this site? You might enjoy this video

  10. sarbakaf

    Polls Results at an Indian Defence Site ( Look at the highlited questions & Answers ) V.IMP LOOK AT THESE POLLS AND THEIR REPLIES AND FIND OUT THEIR INTENTIONS ABOUT US ) Is Pakistan's Nuclear arsenal safe? 16.00 % said Yes, 80.00 % said No, 4.00 % said Dont Know Is Pakistan heading for Civil War? 77.14% said Yes 22.86% said No 0%...
  11. mohib

    Pig's head found on Belgian Mosque site

    A pig's head buried under a Christian cross along with several offensive inscriptions have been found at the future site of a mosque in southern Belgium. The inscription Muhammad lies here :naooz: was among the Islamophobia-fueling slogans found at the French-speaking Charleroi city, AFP...