Pig's head found on Belgian Mosque site


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A pig's head buried under a Christian cross along with several offensive inscriptions have been found at the future site of a mosque in southern Belgium.

The inscription Muhammad lies here :naooz: was among the Islamophobia-fueling slogans found at the French-speaking Charleroi city, AFP reported.

According to a statement released by Xavier Godefroid from the mayor's office on Tuesday, the opponents of the construction of the mosque have left many unacceptable, intolerable and disrespectful messages at the site.

Godefroid added that the city's police have begun an investigation into the case.

The rise in anti-Islamic and racist behavior in European nations such as France has attracted worldwide attention.

In a debate about the role of Islam in the French society, Interior Minister Claude Gueant referred to the number of Muslims in France as "a problem."

Paris had earlier declared that any woman -- French or foreigner -- who wears a niqab or burqa (an Islamic headdress) in public will be fined 150 euros, and those that force women to wear such covers will face a much larger fine and a prison sentence of up to two years.



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The European countries as well as other countries around the globe have been alarmed by some researched done a few years ago, according to which many countries will have Muslim majority population at different points in time in 21st century. Therefore these countries have been taking many measures against Muslims, e.g.:

- Banning zabihah of animals
- Banning Hijab
- Banning various architectural aspects for mosques
- Discouraging immigration for muslims (an example is Canada: Parents immigration for Pakistanis 8-13 years; Spousal immigration for Pakistan 21 months compared to 4 months for China and 6 months for India, inspite of the fact that the immigrants from India and China are much more than from Pakistan: Spouses - http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/perm/fc-spouses.asp Parents: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/perm/fc-spouses.asp - note that in case of parents the time taken within Canada is currently 43 months so that is on top of time taken in Islamabad..and the actual time per experience of Pakistanis is much more than this website shows)

These are just a few examples - there are many many more.


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kuz their so called "freedom" is being jeoperdized.....
millions of Muslims in europe n they probably feel....they'll take over as convert muslims r also growing rapidly......


I checked with source .... this news about pig head found is not correct..... in fact the real story is, Photo of Zardari was found within the compound of the Belgian Mosque.
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