1. crankthskunk

    Breaking NEWS: Bomb found in a Park in Liyari

    ARY reporting a Bomb is discovered in a Park in Karachi's Liyari area. The teams are busy defusing it. Thank God, no loss of life at the onset of Eid.
  2. H

    Twin of the Devil a.k.a Aamir Liaqat found in the UK :P

  3. L

    UFO Found on Ocean Floor

    By Benjamin Radford, Life's Little Mysteries Contributor An ocean exploration team led by Swedish researcher Peter Lindberg has found what some are suggesting is a crashed flying saucer. Lindberg's team, which has had success in the past recovering sunken ships and cargo, was using sonar to...
  4. redaxe

    Express Tribune: Thinking proactively: Ahmadis have found their own solutions in Rabwah

    RABWAH: When a fire broke out at a building in Chiniot, the district administration called the rescue service in Rabwah for help. The irony that the Chiniot building was owned by a member of the Khatam-e-Nabuwwat movement is not lost to Rabwahs rescue services. A former tae kwon do instructor...
  5. Bilal_Mushi

    Musharrafs ex ADC found dead

    Musharraf’s ex ADC found dead Major (r) Tanvir, who had been ADC of ex-president Pervez Musharraf, was found dead at his home. Tanvir, who was residing in Krakuram Heights at Sector-F, Islamabad, was found dead at his home. Police is of the view that he received a bullet to his head...
  6. hans

    98 kg gold, Rs.12 crore cash found in Sathya Sai Baba's chamber

    Hyderabad (India): Around Rs.12 crore in cash and nearly 100 kg of gold were found from Yajur Mandir, the personal chamber of late spiritual guru Sathya Sai Baba, at Prashanti Nilayam in Puttaparthi of Anantapur district, a trust official said. A day after the Sathya Sai Central Trust...
  7. ahmadalikhan

    Controversy Solved - A 200 Years Old Manuscript of Naimat Ullah Shah Wali found

    A rare scanned 19th century Divan of Hazrat Naimat Ullah Shah is found from following website. Download Complete PDF Book from Divan-Shah-Nematollah-Sangi (many predictions still not translated) It is confirmed that its Original Poetry of Shah Naimat, see a detailed...
  8. PkRevolution

    World largest Oil reserves in Pakistan close to Karachi found???

    I would appreciate if someone can deliver more information on this.
  9. lllcolumbuslll

    Peshawar : 2 bodies stuffed in gunny bags found

  10. crankthskunk

    Dead Body of Salim Shahzad found: Breaking NEWS by ARY

    ARY is reporting, the body of Salim Shahzad is found in Mundi Bahuddin.
  11. abbasiali

    Breaking news, I have found the BOOK which has given in brief, how to understand WOMEN, try your luc

  12. Geek

    Another person on the most-wanted list found in India

    New Delhi: It seems there has been another goof-up by the Indian agencies in the list of 50 most-wanted fugitives that they sent to Pakistan. NDTV has found another person on the 50 most-wanted fugitives list in India. This list, handed over to Pakistan, is already turning into a major...
  13. Geek

    Davis victim: Faheem's family found living in Toba Tek Singh

    stream1=16052011/Fahim'sFamily&amp TOBA TEK SINGH: The family of Faheem Shamshad, who was killed by United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) contractor Raymond Davis in January, was found living in a posh area of Toba Tek Singh. Fahim’s father, Rana Shamshad, and his three brothers...
  14. mohib

    Pig's head found on Belgian Mosque site

    A pig's head buried under a Christian cross along with several offensive inscriptions have been found at the future site of a mosque in southern Belgium. The inscription Muhammad lies here :naooz: was among the Islamophobia-fueling slogans found at the French-speaking Charleroi city, AFP...
  15. biomat

    Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni found dead in Gaza after kidnap

  16. biomat

    Sudan says found proof of Israeli strike 10 mins ago...
  17. digitalzygot

    Superbug gene found in New Delhi waters - study

    A deadly superbug was found in about a quarter of water samples taken from drinking supplies and puddles on the streets of New Delhi, according to a new study. Experts say it's the latest proof that the new drug-resistant bacteria, known as NDM-1, named for New Delhi, is widely circulating in...
  18. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    Two found dead at Japan nuke plant

    Two found dead at Japan nuke plant Two missing workers in the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant have been found dead at the site, Japans Kyodo news agency reported Sunday, citing the operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO). The victims had been reported missing since an explosion...
  19. DashingPun

    Breaking News Shahbaz Sharif Is Ready To Resign, if he is found involved in Davis release

    Many responsible in the federal and Punjab governments apparently do not know what strategic gains Pakistan has made in the quid pro quo deal to hand over US double murderer Raymond Davis to Washington in a shameful fashion. On the other hand, most of the authorities are shy to interact with...
  20. Wadaich

    Gilgit-Baltistan Conspiracy- What are the new developments, A video found on PTI's Web presence.

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