1. Geek

    "I don't consider secularism to be against Islam" - Erdogan

    5339831 1808133636106578 Erdogan said that he does not consider secularism to be against religion, but it is rather a system that maintains the freedom of practice for all religions and beliefs. It is not right to consider secularism as a form of imposing [certain] opinion on religious...
  2. Muslimonly

    اسلام ایک مکمل ضابطہ حیات - قائد اعظم

    اسلام ایک مکمل ضابطہ حیات - قائد اعظم اور کچھ لوگ کہتے ہیں کہ قائد اعظم سیکولر تھے ------------------------- Source Quaid ka Pakistan -------------------------------
  3. M Ali Khan

    Egypt's Tunisian future First They Came for the Islamists...
  4. Muslimonly

    سیکولر ذہن کی سطح -- شاہنواز فاروقی

    سیکولر ذہن کی سطح از شاہنواز فاروقی پاکستان میں سیکولر اور لبرل طبقات نے تمام مذہبی لوگوں کو ’’طالبان‘‘ بنادیا ہے، اور طالبان بھی اپنی پسند کا۔ سیکولر اور لبرل عناصر کے طالبان انتہا پسند ہیں۔ دہشت گرد ہیں۔ ان کے ہاتھ میں ہر وقت اسلحہ ہوتا ہے۔ وہ دستی بموں اور خودکش حملوں میں استعمال ہونے...
  5. atensari

    لادنیت کا ترجمان بن چکا ہے؟ fo کیا

  6. atensari

    بے چارہ اسلام

  7. J

    For Those who say Qaud-e-Azam was Secular

  8. T

    We, The Secular Muslims of Pakistan

    Recently, I have seen a considerable amount of attention being paid to the ideas of secularism and Islam. There is no doubt that majority of the Pakistanis want their country to be ruled according to the laws of Islam, shariah in other words. But this particular way of thinking begs the question...
  9. KhanHaripur

    Open Challenge to SAFMA to prove Quaid-e-Azam secular!

    Its and open challenge for these Zionists of SAFMA to produce one single speech of Quaid e Azam where he said that Pakistan must be a secular state!!Alhamdolillah, every patriotic Pakistani Muslim can produce hundreds of speeches before and after the creation of Pakistan where Quaid...
  10. K

    Pakistan was supposed to be a secular state? Listen to Quad e Azam speech!

    watch this first Some people have really started thinking that Pakistan was supposed to be a secular state and it had nothing to do with Islam and two nation theory. But I argue that if it is so then there is no reason of existence of Pakistan. If...
  11. PAINDO

    Difference between Secular republic and Islamic republic

  12. atensari

    استقبال رمضان کا لبرل انداز - کرکٹ ٹورنامن&#16

  13. A

    Secular Education - Sheikh Imran Hosein and Malaysian Ambassador

    Main Points Today's modern universities, Secular education, No response from Al-Azhar. Islamic response is still awaited. Comments on secular education by a Malysian Ambassadors. Islamic center of Learning in Oxford. Lols.....
  14. WatanDost

    Real face of secular india

  15. karachiwala

    Secular education for girls

  16. A Khokar

    Islam is Secular Deep to its Core

    In the field of religions Islam is the finished product of all the Abrahamic religions. In present day and time Abrahamic religion is the latest modern religion that God Almighty says that he has chosen for the mankind and Islam is the finished product at it s summit. Abraham*was bestowed...
  17. atensari

    مسلمان معاشرے کی امریکی تقسیم

  18. ishwaq

    WORLDS MOST EXPENSIVE XMAS TREE, what a waist of money

    WORLDS MOST EXPENSIVE XMAS TREE: An Emirati walks past a $11-million Christmas tree at Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi. - AFP
  19. dukelondon

    Post Modernism and the Quran

    Postmodernism and the Quran By Asghar Ali Engineer A GENERAL perception in the West is that Quranic teachings discourage progress and are incompatible with a modern way of life. Those who hold this view fall in three groups: anti-Islam elements; atheists who are opposed to all...
  20. P

    Our hero is Raja Dahir, Not, Muhammad Bin Qasim, says, ANP Minister Haji Adeel