We, The Secular Muslims of Pakistan


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Recently, I have seen a considerable amount of attention being paid to the ideas of secularism and Islam. There is no doubt that majority of the Pakistanis want their country to be ruled according to the laws of Islam, shariah in other words. But this particular way of thinking begs the question as to how much of a "Muslim meat" are we originally made up of? To start with, there is a famous saying which goes like this: Believe what you want but belief is futile without action. As Muslims, the foundation of our actions should be based on the idea that we are accountable individuals. We are accountable for our actions and reactions in front of Almighty Allah, not to mention that Allah is always watching every single human being at all times. Of course, to some of this might sound similar to a cliche and it may seem to be just-a-saying for others, and unfortunately this is the reality of the situation and there is no way around it. For some, my point is extremely simple if it is understood. For others, it is nothing more than a perfect opportunity for questions comprising of ifs-and-buts.
Majority of the Pakistanis will openly admit they believe in Allah. The same people will also believe that there is nothing more than perfect in writing than the Holy Quran. Some may even take pride in killing anyone who disrespects Prophet Muhammad pbuh. But the fact remains, do we really believe in Allah? Do we really believe that Quran is the perfect text ever written in the history of mankind? Do we really respect Prophet Muhammad pbuh and his teachings? Before answering that question, I'd like to introduce some logic in to my argument. If you believe in anything, the only way to prove your belief is to follow it. If you truly respect someone, the only way to prove that respect is to follow that person's teachings.
If we are not following or respecting the given teachings of Allah and his Prophet pbuh, that is in fact, equivalent to showing confidence in disrespecting and disbelieving in everything Islam stands for. This concept that I have tried to put into words, not only applies to religious aspects of our lives but also plays a huge role in the making or breaking of a society and most importantly an individual.
I don't want to keep on going explaining the process of accountability and how it is the backbone of every single Islamic law. But I will say this; If we are committing sin, even knowing that Allah is watching, that essentially means that we (as individuals) believe that Allah is not watching and hence nullify his existence. Some would argue that it is a matter of a split second, but does it really matter as to how much you deny Allah's existence may that be for years or even a split second.
After putting all my ideas into words, I have come to the conclusion that "We, the Muslims of Pakistan" are in fact secular. We deny Allah's existence through our every day acts and deeds which is the building stone for the idea of Secularism itself. Hypocrisy has tainted our hearts to the point that we don't even realize our defiance to the existence of Allah. However, we have mastered this amazing art of consoling ourselves with all sorts of absurd justifications for committing sins repeatedly. And then we have the guts to complain about the epic disaster that we as a society face and suffer.
Majority of individuals make a society, gathering of societies makes a city, a province consists of the a number of cities and in essence a clump of provinces makes a country. So my question really is: " How is it that we being secular (individuals) in nature tend to want a system that is as pure and as perfect as Islam?"