1. P

    I am a PAKISTANI - an inspirational speech

    "I Am A Pakistani" is an inspirational speech written by Maaz Khan. The video was shot in Karachi, Pakistan. It's an observation based on all the elements, sentiments & opinions that exist in a Pakistani's mind, including both, positive & negative elements. The video explains the weaknesses &...
  2. azrana

    For you what does it mean to be a Pakistani ? Look forward to everyone's positive comments.

    Pakistan..... hmm what is that... when a Ch Sb have a blind son he will be the member of Royaate Hallal Commetee, if some one is disabled, (langrah) he is in the national team of pakistan hockey, some one pooond,,,and can sell his mother he is in the national cricket Team Murdey sey...
  3. Z

    Election 2012: Please vote and help to bring positive change.

    Imran Khan (he is a good guy) Nawaz sharif (wow you want a Haj visa?) Asif Ali Zardari (ummm how much is left in ur pocket?) Altaf Hussain (I think you want to be killed?) Fazal-ur-rehman (r u sure you want to go to hell?) Asfandyar wali (u want to be buried in kabul)
  4. simple_and_peacefull

    Positive Pakistanis: A rock for the forgotten

    By Mehmood Ali Pathan Published: March 18, 2011 To some, he is a simple barber. But to the children he has reunited with their families, Hajji Anwar Khokar is an angel in human form. With all the bad news surrounding us, its easy to give into despair. But there is hope out there, and...