1. mohib

    Court orders confiscation of Musharrafs property

    RAWALPINDI: Anti-terrorist court (ATC) has ordered the confiscation of former president Pervez Musharrafs tangible assets i.e property, bank accounts, etc. in Benazir Bhutto murder case, Geo News reported Saturday. The decision was made after a FIA report containing information regarding the...
  2. A

    ATC orders to drop Anjum Aqeel escape case due to lack of evidence

    ISLAMABAD: An anti-terrorist court on Wednesday ordered to drop the case against PML-N legislator Anjum Aqeel Khan, who had been charged with escaping from police custody, and 32 other people, DawnNews reported. The court issued the order of absolving the legislator and his supporters of the...
  3. gazoomartian

    PM Gilani orders operation in Karachi: DawnNews

    Gazoo Notes: This is again just temporary band aid cure. What we need is an Army Operation with full power to 'do it as you see fit, just get me the result' Anyway KARACHI: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Monday ordered an operation in Karachi considering the wave of violence in the...
  4. Wadaich

    Breaking News: Supreme Court Orders all the Judges to Ensure Presence in Pakistan-Cause List of Next

    Breaking News: Supreme Court Orders all the Judges to Ensure Presence in Islamabad-Cause List of Next Week Cancelled. By Our Staff Reporter | From the Newspaper Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry. – File Photo ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry called 14...
  5. crankthskunk

    CJ ordered Arrest of DG FIA

    At last CJ has started to take the actions I egged him to take in my email. He has ordered the arrest of DJ FIA. He has also sent summary to PM to respond but no response has been made in 5 days. I hope he follows my advice and arrest this corrupt Gilani. If he does that everyone would...
  6. FaisalKh

    DG Rangers, IGP Sindh removed on SC orders

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army has removed Director General (DG) Rangers Major General Ejaz Chaudhry while federal government has removed Inspector General Police, Sindh (IGP) Fayyaz Leghari Tuesday, on the directive of the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC), Geo News reported. The Pakistan Army's...
  7. Adeel

    Another Perspective on Karachi Ranger shooting Incident - Ranger was simply following Orders?

    Gun point looting has become so common in Karachi in last few years that every Tom, Dick and Harry who doesn’t have a Job, picks up a Gun and makes this his profession. On average 100s get looted and about a few die everyday. Last month my 33 years old cousin was shot dead in Karachi. I...
  8. A

    SHC orders release of MQM-H leaders on bail

    http://tribune.com.pk/story/164967/shc-orders-release-of-mqm-h-leaders-on-bail/ KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Monday ordered the release of Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi (MQM-H) leaders Afaq Ahmad and Amir Khan on bail. Afaq and Amir, who head two separate factions of the MQM-H, have been...
  9. FaisalLatif

    Aljazeera: Court Orders Mubarak's name to be removed from public places

    Court orders that Hosni and Suzanne Mubarak's names be removed from all public places, including schools and streets. Last Modified: 21 Apr 2011 10:52 The names of Hosni (right), Suzanne (centre) and Gamal (left) Mubarak adorn many public places in Egypt [EPA/File] An Egyptian court has...
  10. Apna Gareban

    Apna Gareban - 9th April 2011 - Supreme Court Orders Journalists to Pay for the Free Hajj

  11. Muhammad Tauseef A. Bajwa

    BB murder case: LHC orders release of former CPO, SP

    BB murder case: LHC orders release of former CPO, SP Published: April 5, 2011 Forensics report of BlackBerry phones prepared by FIA shows she had been told high officials had given the nod. The Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice on Tuesday accepted the bail plea of former City...
  12. Bilal_Mushi

    Historic ruling: SC orders ECP to prepare transparent voter lists

    SC orders ECP to prepare transparent voter lists SC orders ECP to prepare transparent voter lists Dunya News anchor, Mubashir Luqman, had filed the petition challenging fake voter lists. Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Thursday said that what would be the...
  13. simple_and_peacefull

    Saudi king orders $100 billion in social benefits

    By AFP Published: March 19, 2011 Saudis wave the Saudi national flag after Saudi King Abdullah addressed the nation in Riyadh March 18, 2011. PHOTO: REUTERS RIYADH: Saudi King Abdullah on Friday announced unprecedented economic benefits worth nearly $100 billion and warned against any...

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