CJ ordered Arrest of DG FIA


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At last CJ has started to take the actions I egged him to take in my email.
He has ordered the arrest of DJ FIA.

He has also sent summary to PM to respond but no response has been made in 5 days.

I hope he follows my advice and arrest this corrupt Gilani. If he does that everyone would fall in line immediately.

I have already dropped him the hint that he has other constitutional measures available to him i.e. if Police refuse or delay the arrest of Gilani, he can request military for help in arresting corrupt Gilani.

Guys it is time to act, Pakistan cannot afford this looting and worsening law and order situation for too long.

I have no doubt that PPP is Pakistans enemy, whenever they come in power they start to loot and Pakistan was broken up because of Bhutto. It is about time we stop making corrupt and bend people our heroes. Bhutto or BB both were not what they are portrayed. BB was a corrupt thief exactly like Zardari. Zardari knows very well she was with him as hands in gloves in corruption during their last two stints in the Government. Our so-called analysts are blinded either by their affiliations or by their stupidity; they mislead Pakistani people all the time.

It is about time we start looking at the reasons why Pakistan is going down so badly and rapidly and then take care of the problems.

I know on this forum some members have their affiliations, and some are just involved in personality cults, like their love for a cheat "Amir Liaquat" or another misguided "Zaid Hamid". Their judgements are clouded because of either their associations or because of their preconceived prejudices for some personalities. They have to learn to rise above their personal liking and preferences and think logically.

Even if some dislike some of my comments, I do not worry about it. Like Iqbal said Mujhe he hukam e Azan.



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SC orders arrest of DG FIA to present him in court

SC orders arrest of DG FIA to present him in court

The Supreme Court has reserved decision on the matter of Zafar Qureshi's suspension.

The court will announce the decision within the next few day. Before the hearing the Supreme Court Registrar presented a report, saying contact with DG FIA Tehsin Anwer was not possible as his operator told he was not taking any phone calls. The Chief Justtice ordered to suspend and arrest the DG FIA, and present him in the court. He further said after the removal of Zafar Qurashi, the NICL case was practically stagnant.

The Supreme Court also directed the government to reinstate a team previously investigating the Haj corruption case.
The order was issued during a hearing of the case.

The apex court directed former interior secretary and Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency to appear during the case’s next hearing.

During today’s proceedings, Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry stated that officers concerned are transferred as soon as they begin to make some progress in the case.



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that was quite obvious where it was leading
Government behaving like a mad bull they forgot that when things goes wrong these politicians beg for mercy