Apna Gareban - 9th April 2011 - Supreme Court Orders Journalists to Pay for the Free Hajj


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After all apisode my mind is so freez i cant have words in my mind......................................INNA LILLAHE WAINNA ILEHE RAJIOON....................................

AY Tahir e la hoti is rizq se mout achi
jis rizq se Aati ho IMAAN me kotahi

( Iqbal R.A se maazrat ke saath)


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Only DAWN News is showing good programs. I hope they continue it. These media people are so very corrupt. This is just a Hajj scandal - there are so many others. I hope the DAWN news shows more courage and brings up the issue on how Najam Sethi and

Also, these guy should be ashamed they are taking bribe in form of Hajj. Also, the first guy knows that Malik Riaz has a lot of money from corruption, fraud, land mafia, etc. This is sooooo pathetic. That's why I always write on this forum that the nation is corrupt, not only rulers. We don't have any institution in our country which is not corrupt. Then how can we expect to get government members who are not corrupt.

Kitni ghatya hai Asma Shirazi coz she kept on saying k mai nay ghalti nahi kee....


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Ruthless people were caught so ruthlessly, it was fun to see their faces, when they were trying to justify their doing in the name of HAJJ. How could we trust these people and their sympathies.

Asma Shirazi and other fellow with full sharaee outlook, were the worst out of this bunch.


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Is it not rediculas that these people dont understand what is wrong and right.

Is it fair to build a mosque on grabbed plot?

It is same thing to go for Haj on others money.

Is it written anywhare that Allah calls a rich person and ask the poor to pay for him?

What these so called honest people talking about that they dont know who is paying for Haj??

Rana Tahir Mahmood

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Haj Batore-Rishawat - by Tayiba Zia




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Re: Haj Batore-Rishawat - by Tayiba Zia

her first is enough to describe this issue
"pakistan main hajj aur umra b bator e riswat paish kia jata hai aur phir isay b bulawa kaha jata hai"

shame on politicians and specially on journalists who went on this free hajj


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Re: Haj Batore-Rishawat - by Tayiba Zia

do watch "apna gareban chak" to know about journalists who went on free hajj . note expression on their faces. they had noting to answer


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Re: Haj Batore-Rishawat - by Tayiba Zia

kon naam btaey ga in choroon ore fraudion k???????????
siasat dano k to naam bta daey sahafion ka namo me se aik b nhi btaya.


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Dear DAWN Repoter,
I love you for the sake of ALLAH Tala.What an EYE OPENER program you statred.I like to give you FIVE STAR***** on behalf of Pakistani Muslam Community, and SHAME on all the BLACK SHEEP those who SUCK the poor people money. Shame on them Millons times. They spose to return money double as a fine. They sell poor people blood for the sake of their POPULARITY. Public should the CAREFUL and through dust on their faces when they conduct program. I really hurt about Asima sherazi when I saw her interview about FREE HAJJ.


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(clap) THE BEST PROGRAM(clap)

بڑے بے شرم ھیں یہ صحافی۔ حرام کے پیسے کا بلاوا آیا تھا۔ شرم تم کو مگر نہی آتی۔ یہ ایک نئی روایت بن گئی ھے۔ بلاوا آیا تھا۔ نہ تو اسلام میں نہ ھی قرآن و حدیث میں اس بلاوے کا ذکر ھے۔ یہ بلاوا ان شیطانوں کو بہت آتا ھے۔ اور یہ شیطان حج کر کے آکر اور اپنی شیطانی میں چار ھاتھہ اور ترقی کرتے ھیں۔ خانہ کعبہ میں دوران تعواف حاجیوں کی جیبیں کترنے والوں کو بھی بلاوا آتا ھے۔ ان جیسے لوگوں کو شیطان کی طرف سے بلاوا آتاھے ۔ ان بدبختوں سے جتنی نفرت کی جائے وہ کم ھے۔