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    PML(N) Parliamentary meeting inside story by Nisar Cheema (PMLN MNA )

  2. P

    سیدھا لیٹ جاتے ہو

    بلا عنوان
  3. Usama Iqbal Khawaja

    نواز شریف علاج کیلئے لندن جائیں یا امریکہ، صلاح و مشورہ جاری؟

  4. P

    If military destroys institutions...

    I have always wanted to ask this... If military management destroys institutions then why: Army Headed NUST's Worldwide ranking climbed from 550 to 380 from 2013 to 2019... but Civilian Headed UET Lahore's Worldwide ranking has dropped from 550 to 950 from 2013 to 2019? Yeh "International QS...
  5. B

    What is big Issue in FATA Reforms ? Saleem Safi Analysis

    FATA Ke Pakhtoon khuah mein inzimam mein sab se badi Rukawat Koun? Salim Safi ka Jandar analysis Fb 1623387777755198
  6. A

    غور سے دیکھوکون سا سیاستدان اس کشتی میں سوار نہیں؟

    غور سے دیکھوکون سا سیاستدان اس کشتی میں سوار نہیں؟
  7. S

    Gandi Chat (2017) Ft. Imran Khan - Ayesha Gulalai - Funny Song - Sarcasmistan Republic

    Hi Guys I'm New To This Siasat.Pk Forum And This is My First Post And its About A Song Made On Current Situation Of Politics I Find it Funny Hope You Guys Like It Share it With Your Friends Also
  8. JamaliAhsan

    مراثی اور گدھے کی کہانی فیاض چوہان کی زبانی

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    "Some institutions utilized Rs50 billion to save Nawaz Sharif - Sheikh Rasheed

  10. Sohail Shuja

    Spot the difference

  11. hawkeyeblue

    How Wealthy Individuals Hide Their Money Offshore

    The Panama Papers revealed the many ways wealthy individuals and companies hide their money in offshore tax havens. Guillaume Long, Ecuador's minister of foreign affairs, is visiting Washington to discuss ways Ecuador plans to combat these practices as it assumes leadership of the G77 bloc of...
  12. A

    How Nawaz Shareef can win Panama Case - An important Point revealed

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  13. Adeelsaleem

    Rul Gae Baba ki research sab se Kharab hai - Amir Liaqat Grills Hamid Mir on his attempt to divert a

    Alt Link
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    کورٹ روم نمبر 1 سے - پانامہ تحقیقات

    کورٹ روم نمبر 1 سے - پانامہ تحقیقات، عدالتی کاروائی کا پہلا دن --------------------------------------------------------------- عدالت: نوازشریف کہاں رہتا ھے؟ وکیل نوازشریف: اپنی والدہ کے ساتھ عدالت: نوازشریف کی والدہ کہاں رہتی ھے؟ وکیل نوازشریف: اپنی بہو کے گھر میں۔ عدالت: کلثوم نواز کہاں رہتی...
  15. chacha jani

    NS copy (Caption TIme)

  16. I

    Heads of NAB, FBR and FIA - Investigate Panama or resign!

    Petitioning Chairman NAB Qamar Zaman Ch., Chairman FBR Nisar Muhammad and DG FIA Muhammad Amlish Investigate Panama or resign SIGN THIS PETITION AT: In his historical address to the first...
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    Watch How Aamir Liaquat Hussain Changed his Statement on Nawaz Shareef - MUST WATCH

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