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  1. Kashmir Online

    Founding President of Azad Kashmir Expressing his views about Independence War 1947 - Kashmir Online

    Sardar Ibrahim Khan's Interview about 1947 War
  2. T

    Solution of Kashmir conflict

    Solution of Kashmir conflict – the main reason and issue between Pakistan, India, and China (Kashmiris do not matter for all of them): Regardless the ego & ignorance, facts & figures, history & past; move on for out of the box and innovative solution to insure peaceful future of the world...
  3. Muhammad1212

    A Kashmiri Lady bashing Pakistani Politicians and demands Kashmir as an Independent State!

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  4. falcons

    Yasin Malik detained after he tries to meet trucker's family

    Yasin Malik detained after he tries to meet trucker's family, Clashes Erupt in Maisuma 656402971115130880 656426810276622337 http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/jklf-chairman-yasin-malik-detained-after-scuffle-with-crpf-in-kulgam/1/503245.html
  5. S

    An open letter by a common kashmiri to all indians

    To live in a fool`s paradise is bliss but for how long?? Dear Indians, Feel the pulse of The Kashmiri people, are they really talking about supporting you and other political parties supported/protected by India or are they talking about ways to counter the Indian occupation despite the...