An open letter by a common kashmiri to all indians

To live in a fool`s paradise is bliss but for how long??

Dear Indians,

Feel the pulse of The Kashmiri people, are they really talking about supporting you and other political parties supported/protected by India or are they talking about ways to counter the Indian occupation despite the fact that the whole world these days seems to be with the Indian opinion including the Government in Pakistan. The supporters of National Conference/PDP and other Indian political parties are seen as enemies (agents of India) by an overwhelming majority of Kashmiri people
To make you guyz understand my point try answering or at least giving a thought to these Questions:

1) Are these 7.2 million Kashmiri people crazy?

I mean why keep fighting against a country that is 1.3 billion strong and an army which is arguably one of the 10 best in the world plus an economy that is growing at 9 percent annually (PHENOMENAL GROWTH). Now a mind that can make those beautiful silk and wool rugs/carpets which have a language of their own, those exquisite wood-carvings, that ethereal papier-mch box, that intricate khatamband on your ceiling, those exotic samovars in copper or that delicate Pashmina shawl with fabulous embroidery is surely highly evolved and intelligent. Why then are these kashmiri people so stupid and not see what you indians are showing them?

2)What do you think needs to be done by you or the other Indians/politicians to change this attitude/belief in the majority of Kashmiri people?

3) What is this subconscious feeling that gives these people a ludicrous sentiment called Aazadi despite their numerous shortcomings when it comes to actually getting that Aazadi?

4) In a world where energy costs are soaring will you Indians ever be able to tap the full potential of Kashmiri people without changing the Indus Water treaty as it stands today? Havent you grossly wronged us here?

5) And will India/Pakistan ever let you change this ridiculous treaty because to do that they would have to give Kashmir an independent status first?

6)Does this mean that we have to forever live in perpetual darkness at the cost of being totally dependent on these nations for all our essential commodities/services/progress?

7) Why is it that in Kashmir even a small child in an expensive private public school is more likely to support the Pakistan cricket team than the Indian team??

8 )All these people know that Pakistan is nothing better than India, maybe even worse but still they keep on cheering the Pakistan team!!!!! Why? I mean India has almost 300 million Muslims living inside it. Why then do these Kashmiris have this crazy sentiment of supporting your enemy? Surely it cant be the Muslim sentiment as in that case they should be supporting India which has many more Muslims?

9) Is singing the Indian National Anthem or performing the great Indian rope trick going to help you Indians change the mindset of these foolish Kashmiri people? Why is it then that even after being with India for 60 years, Kashmiri people still want independence?

10)Do you need to change their ideology by giving them an even stronger ideology or are these people (who over the ages have been Pagans, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and now Muslims) refractive to your promise of a better future?

11) Or is it that As these people are NOT listening to your ideology/viewpoint, then why not do what you have been doing for the last 60 years or so i.e. with the help of your brutal/barbaric Indian army continue beating the sh*t out of them till these stupid peasants stop complaining and start following your democratic view-point??


Kashmiris although small in numbers vis a vis India are an intelligent people, do not underestimate their resilience and periods of silence as a sign of weakness. The recent protests are not a once upon a time kind of phenomenon on the contrary, it is a continual warning, a declaration, a gale force wind before the actual storm. Change is constant as life itself is dynamic, the ones who adapt and change will be the ones who survive. Kashmiris have survived a millennium as kashmiris. Chances are that they will survive this particular onslaught too, or in other words you may be surrounded by a few immoral kashmiri supporters and hindutva fanatics who make you feel that your current path is the right one but at the end of the day these supporters are nothing but greedy opportunistic individuals only interested in forwarding their own private causes at the expense of their honest, trustworthy and hard-working fellow kashmiris.

A simple god-fearing individual in Kashmir/jammu is not voting for you because he/she loves india and respects its constitution. He is voting for you because at the moment the poor downtrodden fella has no other option and he needs to survive the moment he gets to cast a neutral vote, he will let you and all the other indian politicians know what he thinks of you, india and your pseudo-democratic ideology!!!!!!!!

Today, my dear human Indian, when you get time, look at yourself in a mirror, ask your soul/conscience a simple question .Are you Indians doing the right thing in Kashmir? If your conscience is not prejudiced, you will get the right answer.



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Kashmir will only be sorted with a final and decisive Indo-Pak war for all other options have been exhausted! We all know it's coming....