1. GTV Pakistan

    Qasem Soleimani Dead Body Arrived At Iran From Iraq

  2. GTV Pakistan

    New Dispute Between United State And Iran

  3. Asad Varda

    عراق میں نکاحِ متعہ: ’کتنی بار شادی ہوئی اب صحیح تعداد بھی یاد نہیں‘

    روسل کی جب آنکھ کھلی تو وہ کمرے میں تنہا تھیں۔ انھوں نے اپنے شوہر کو جاتے نہیں دیکھا۔ ان کی شادی کا دورانیہ کل تین گھنٹے تھا۔ یہ ان کی پہلی شادی نہیں تھی بلکہ دوسری، تیسری یا چوتھی بھی نہیں۔ درحقیقت ان کی اتنی شادیاں ہو چکی ہیں کہ انھیں اس کی صحیح تعداد بھی یاد نہیں۔ روسل کا یہ خوفناک طرزِ...
  4. P

    Iraq to join China's Belt and Road project

    BEIJING: Iraq will join China's signature "Belt and Road" infrastructure investment project, the country´s prime minister said Monday in Beijing. Adel Abdel Mahdi made the announcement in a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a state visit. "Iraq has gone through war and civil...
  5. P

    آخر اسلام کی ابتدائی صدیوں میں پروپگینڈا اور بغاوت کے مراکز ایران و عراق ہی کیوں بنے؟

    جس وقت اسلام آیا تو اطراف عرب میں دو سپر پاورز تھیں، بازنطینی(رومی) اور ساسانی(ایرانی)۔ رومن یونانی زبان بولتے تھے اور انکا دارالحکومت و سطوت کا مقام قسطنطنیہ تھا جو کہ اسکے بعد بھی کئی سو سال تک بازنطینیوں کا مركز رہا۔ دور فاروقی، دور عثمانی اور دور بنو امیہ میں بازنطینیوں/رومیوں کے جو...
  6. M Ali Khan

    Qatar paid $1 billion to release royal family members taken hostage in Iraq during hunting trip

    The $1bn hostage deal that enraged Qatar’s Gulf rivals Doha reportedly paid al-Qaeda affiliate and Iran to win release of royal hunting party Members of Iran-backed militia Kata’eb Hizbollah, which kidnapped the Qataris in 2015, on parade in Baghdad © Reuters YESTERDAY by: Erika Solomon in...
  7. A

    US and Israel have bombed 14 Muslim nations in 25 years

    LAHORE: To the sheer dismay of over 1.6 billion followers of Islam residing on planet Earth today, the United States and its stalwart ally Israel have bombed at least 14 of the 57 Muslim countries during the last 25 years, a research conducted by the Jang Group and Geo Television Network shows...
  8. Zoq_Elia

    Delivery of US Weapons and Ammunition to ISIS: Iraqi Commander Wiretaps ISIS Communications with US

    Delivery of US Weapons and Ammunition to ISIS: Iraqi Commander Wiretaps ISIS Communications with US Military By Fars News Agency A commander of Iraq’s popular forces disclosed that wiretapping of ISIL’s communications has confirmed the reports that the US planes have been airdropping food...
  9. M Ali Khan

    US supported Iraqi chemical weapons against Iran in 1980s

    Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran The U.S. knew Hussein was launching some of the worst chemical attacks in history -- and still gave him a hand. BY SHANE HARRIS AND MATTHEW M. AID | AUGUST 26, 2013 The U.S. government may be...
  10. amir_ali

    The victims of Fallujah's health crisis are stifled by western silence

    People of Fallujah might be the toughest fighters of the present time. i used to think the afghans as the toughest lot, but the stand that the people of Fallujah took against the US invaders, twice, it is incomparable. US had to level almost the whole city, they kept fighting with US even when...
  11. dukelondon

    Syrian Blood Etches a New Line in the Sand - Pepe Escobar Excellent Read!!

    A humble request: Kindly read the article in its entirety before commenting and please don't call anyone Kaafir. This is just the reality of politics and I'm just sharing facts with you brothers and sisters so please take it easy. :jazak: The worst part is that Muslims are killing fellow...
  12. A

    Obama Doctrine: War Escalation for Peace?

    Obama Doctrine: War Escalation for Peace? (omg):angry_smile: -DR. ABDUL RUFF ___________________ Even while remaining a usual American politician of gimmicks, Obama's diplomacy has failed both abroad and at home because he is insincere. He has betrayed Americans and Africans, Arabs...
  13. c4cheema

    Inside Iraq - The Iraq war: Success or blunder?

    A Hot discussion...between Brits and Israeli...must watch
  14. L

    U.S. Mayors Conference Calls For End To Afghanistan, Iraq Wars

  15. L

    US to extend her presence in Iraq

  16. Geek

    CIA's secret Iraq weapon revealed: a Saddam gay sex tape

    Bizarre US plots included exploding cigars to kill Fidel Castro and fake video of Osama bin Laden's campfire drinking In their time, America's secret agencies have tried some outlandish schemes to attack their country's enemies, including, most famously, an attempt to do away with...
  17. A

    Obama's New Afghan Gimmick!

    Obama's New Afghan Gimmick! -DR. ABDUL RUFF ______________ USA has all powers , their economies, militaries, intelligences, weapons, etc, under its total control. Total control are also the international organizations like UNSC and judiciaries like ICJ and ICC that behave like US...
  18. Abdali

    America: Get Out of Iraq Before Its Too Late..

    By Ashour Al-Somary: June 21 2011 "Salon" - The history of the United States is as black as coal. Neither the world nor particularly the Japanese will ever forget the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Neither the world nor particularly the Vietnamese will ever forget the horrific massacres...
  19. M_Adnan.L

    The evil of American action in Iraq, birth defects from weapons use