1. D

    Did MQM made good use of MOHAJIR CARD in acheiving their goal of restoring LG system in Karachi?

    Just a few weeks back, the leaders of mqm were shouting loud that their party presence is every where in Pakistan and they raise voice for all poor Pakistanis but suddenly it revert back to ethnic MOHAJIR entity when it left the govt for third time. What their actual policy is?
  2. L

    Canadian goalkeeper scores freak, historic goal in U17 World Cup

    Imagine Canada losing an Olympic hockey game to Slovenia on a shot from the blueline make that the far blueline and you pretty much have an idea of what Quillan Roberts pulled off on Wednesday in Mexico. The goalkeeper earned Canada's under-17 men's soccer team its first point ever at the...
  3. biomat

    Arab Spring false flag from start, Libya ultimate goal all along

  4. R

    A fantastic article on emboldened Zardari-Nawaz against Kayani; Right goal at the wrong time.

    The right goal at the wrong time Cyril Almeida KA-CHING. Thats the sound that would have gone off inside President Asif Zardaris head as it dawned on him that the Americans had taken out Osama bin Laden on Pakistani soil without informing the Pakistan Army. And why not? His governments term...