Canadian goalkeeper scores freak, historic goal in U17 World Cup


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Imagine Canada losing an Olympic hockey game to Slovenia on a shot from the blueline make that the far blueline and you pretty much have an idea of what Quillan Roberts pulled off on Wednesday in Mexico.
The goalkeeper earned Canada's under-17 men's soccer team its first point ever at the World Cup, scoring the tying goal on a free kick from beyond the centre stripe in the 87th minute to earn a 2-2 draw with England, a country which many still consider a global force in footy. (Never mind its only men's World Cup title came in 1966, the year before the Toronto Maple Leafs won their last Stanley Cup.) With time running out and Canada pushing up in a last-ditch effort to level the match, Roberts booted the ball toward England's goal to give one of his forwards a chance at redirecting it. Instead, it took an all-time bounce over England 'keeper Jordan Pickford, who for all you or I know might be in his hotel room in Mexico Googling the name "Tommy Salo." It was disaster for England, and joy for the cheeky, plucky Canucks.
Oh, and via Duane Rollins, FIFA has confirmed it was the first time a goalkeeper has scored in the under-17 World Cup.