1. junaids

    Twitter users charged with terrorism for false tweets

    Mass panic over erroneous kidnap claims By Dan Goodin in San Francisco Get more from this author Posted in Crime, 7th September 2011 05:00 GMT Free whitepaper Creating Order from Chaos in Data Centers and Server Rooms Mexican prosecutors are pursuing terrorism and sabotage charges against two...
  2. To The Point

    To The Point - 2nd September 2011 - Sharjil Memon - Zulifqar Mirza's Opinions----True or False??

  3. Asif shah

    False Flag Riots & anarchy in London!

    The riots in London have spread into neighbor suburbs tonight as reports emerge that peaceful protests turned violent after Police started beating a 16 year girl. Evidence has also emerged that police lied about the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of the man which sparked the...
  4. A

    Fake Celebrities and False Indian Prestige

    [Fake Celebrities and False Indian Prestige[hilar] -DR. ABDUL RUFF ----------------- [It is an international shame that these days, Indian TVs and other media, as usual, pamper an already pampered Sachuin Tendular who is struggling these days because the bowlers do not offer hims enough...
  5. Muhammad Ilyas Khan

    Ignorance, barbarism and false honour

    What made a father take the lives of his six young daughters in such a barbaric way? Could it have been prevented? If yes how? If no, why not? By doing what he did, did the man actually restore his honour, in other words, does he stand more honourable now? How could one do better than what he...
  6. A

    England Blasts India's False Hopes!

    pbuh(clap) England Blasts India's False Hopes! -DR. ABDUL RUFF _____________ [India as well as other nations must stipulate the term for every cricket player at international level and something not exceeding 5 years should be the maximum limit. Lifelong or unlimited period...
  7. biomat

    Beware of a Possible False Flag Event: Media & Feds Pushing Fear For The 10th Anniversary of 9/11

  8. L

    Evidence Shows Norway Terror Attack a False Flag (Interesting Report)

    Please Watch both the clips to understand the full report, you will find it interesting.
  9. MediaCell

    PML-N false propoganda against PTI (important for INSAFIANS)

    PML-N is spending quite a lot of money to defame Imran Khan and his party. This is happening on TV Channels (Express News and some other anchors on PML-N payroll) as well as political forums, blogs etc. Even on siasat.pk PML-N kai gumrah workers are posting mis leading pictures and videos...
  10. biomat

    False Flag Imminent 26 June 2011 Germany?

  11. haqiqat

    The Stage Is Set For a Nuclear False Flag in US

  12. littlemaster

    False flag operations interesting details and current situation.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUNEjBsatvI&feature=related WHY TTP IS NOT THREAT TO BLACK/XE TERRORIST .WHY JUST COMON PEOPLE OF PAK? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shMCrTxG9O4&feature=related
  13. Z

    False Alarm - Bush Administration raised threat level for political gains - Conspiracy theory prove

  14. biomat

    Arab Spring false flag from start, Libya ultimate goal all along

  15. canadian

    Doha's Labourers Tell Stories Of False Promises !!!

    Dohas labourers tell stories of false promises Posted By DAWN.COM On April 28, 2011 | The marketplace in Doha's industrial area. - Photo by Nadia Zaffar DOHA: Beyond the rising facade of a modern skyline, down dusty roads lined with old car wreckages, lies Dohas industrial area. It is here...
  16. karachiwala

    No sign Gaddafi bombed Tripoli NATO wages war on false claims

    RT April 24, 2011 In Libya, Colonel Gaddafi’s troops are reportedly being withdrawn from the rebel-held city of Misrata in the face of NATO airstrikes. It follows an almost two month standoff. Meanwhile, allied aircraft carried out fresh airstrikes on the capital Tripoli overnight, with a...
  17. arslan4u

    Nawaz Zardari Bhai Bhai - True or False?

    When Imran Khan says Nawaz Sharif and Zardari / PMLN and PPP are both secretly allies and have the same interests, is there any evidence to back this argument? See this video: Rehman Malik, an important member of PPP's current government, has never demanded reopening of the corruption cases...
  18. biomat

    9 -11 False Flag- 2008-9/11 was an inside job and this documentary proves it!

  19. N

    Pakistan Lost Due to False Predictions of Idiot Palmists, Astrologist etc.

    Pakistan Lost Due to False Predictions of Idiot Palmists, Astrologists etc. Just watch the Kal Tak 29 March 2011, in which every stupid and idiot was assuring the Nation that Pakistan would win. Astaghfirullah. This was not the only programm, almost every channel and Talk show was bringing...
  20. biomat

    Another false flag terror plot near?? London 2012 big ben olympics 2012