1. jhootaylog

    MQM Tried External involvement in pakistan

    Back to Home MQM's 1st Letter to Consulate General of China Muttahida Qaumi Movement(Altaf)'s 1st Letter to Consulate General of China, letter was signed & posted in July 2001 by Nasreen Jalil(MQM-A), MQM wanted to destabilize Karachi / Pakistan & they tried to...
  2. next2saint

    True Enemies of Pakistan? External or Internal???

    come and think of it... how did Pakistan suffer more in collateral damage? is it due to external wars (both with india so far) or is it due to internal wars (ethinic, shia-sunni mullaism, gangsters (political), war on terror (our army on civil land) etc) do we ever think before killing a...
  3. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 30th July 2011 - Haroon Raheed - Sectarianism: Are External Powers Involved??

  4. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 20th June 2011 - Babar Sattar, Gen. Hamid Nawaz - Biggest Threat external or Internal

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