1. J

    امریکا نے اپنے لئے لاکھوں دشمن پیدا کر لئے

    Life on a CIA Kill List in Pakistan-
  2. Amna Rizvi

    Whistle Blower Released TONS of secret drone documents! Leak is bigger than Edward Snowdens!

    Documents are in too much detail. Still going over them! Some highlights include the obvious. Pakistan Army fully cooperates (and denies in public. Liars). Many innocents die, drone operators fire blindly many times All those killed are labeled as Enemy combatants unless proven otherwise etc...
  3. B

    سیلفی جہادی سبکو لے بیٹھا

    ‘Moron’ terrorist takes a selfie in front of ISIS headquarters, Air Force bombs it 22 hours later Apparently, looks can kill. In a very real story that we assure you did not originate from The Onion, a terrorist from ISIS recently took a selfie of himself and posted it online. Shortly...
  4. P

    صومالیہ میں المجاہدین نے امریکی ڈرون طیا&#1585

    بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم حرکت شباب المجاہدین نے امریکی ڈرون طیارہ گرا کر اس کے ملبے کی تصویر جاری کردی نیوز رپورٹ: انصار اللہ اردو صومالیہ میں عالمی جہادی تحریک القاعدہ کی ذیلی شاخ حرکت شباب المجاہدین نے صوبہ شبیلی السفلی کے علاقہ بولو ماریر میں گزشتہ روز تباہ ہونے والی امریکی ڈرون طیارے کی...
  5. mrcritic

    Introducing the TARANIS - Stealth Combat Super Drone

    THE most secretive piece of airspace in Australia - the RAAF-run Woomera flight test range in South Australia - will make history later this year when the world's first unmanned supersonic stealth combat aircraft makes its maiden test flight above the desert. Extreme secrecy surrounds the...
  6. Z

    MQM "Drone attack" imminent?

    Dr Shahid Masood ‏@Shahidmasooddr SPARE PARTS FOUND...POLITICAL DRONE OF MQM READY TO STRIKE ANYTIME....!!!!! usman ul haq ‏@usmanulhaq2 @Shahidmasooddr Sir Altaf bhai coming to Pakistan??? Dr Shahid Masood ‏@Shahidmasooddr @usmanulhaq2 NO..HE IS NOT. az ali ‏@az_ali @Shahidmasooddr...
  7. mrcritic

    Mosquito Drones

    Sightings of insect-sized micro drones have been occurring for years, but combined with the direction of genome sequencing outlined in this Atlantic piece the pair make for a futuristic and potentially deadly mix.Even back in 2007, when Vanessa Alarcon was a college student attending an...
  8. P

    Malala Yousufzai and PTI march for drones

    Who killed Malala? TTP or US/Pak agencies An assignation attempt on a young girl, who would do such an act and most importantly who would benefit from such an act? The first thing a detective does while investigating a crime is to look for the possible beneficiaries from a criminal act. Who...
  9. A

    طالبان نے ایک اور ڈرون مار گرایا

    قندوز،مجاہدین نےڈرون مارگرایا ذبیح اللہ مجاہد امارت اسلامیہ کےمجاہدین نے صوبہ قندوزکےصدرمقام قندوزشہرمیں امریکی ڈرون کومارگرایا۔ رپورٹ کےمطابق مجاہدین نے پیرکےروز2012-06-25 مقامی وقت کےمطابق دن دس بجے صوبائی قندوزشہرمیں ایئرپورٹ کے قریب کٹہ خیل کےمقام پرامریکی ڈرون کوہیوی مشین گن کانشانہ...
  10. Humi

    'Pakistan drone war, Obama's poll ploy'

    US President Barack Obama is following the drone war in Pakistan as an "election campaign strategy" for next year's presidential race in the United States, an investigative journalist tells Press TV. "The president has personal political interests that certainly are aligned with the...
  11. Wadaich

    Weird, Birdlike Mystery Drone Crashes in Pakistan

    It looks a bit like silver bird. It probably was used to spy on insurgents. And now its in the hands of the Pakistanis. A Pakistani villager holds a wreckage of a suspected surveillance drone which is crashed in Pakistani border town of Chaman along the Afghanistan border in Pakistan on...
  12. C

    US reconnaissance drone crashes in Chaman

    CHAMAN: A US spy plane crashed into Pakistani territory in Chaman, near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in Balochistan, on Thursday evening. According to Express 24/7 correspondent, Mohamamd Kazim, the drone was surveying the border when it crashed near the Pishin Scouts compound in Chaman...
  13. L

    Taliban claim they shot down US drone

    A US drone (file photo) A US spy drone has crasheddue to “technical faults” during a reconnaissance mission in eastern Ghazni Province of Afghanistan, NATO says. A statement released by the media office of the NATO forces confirmed the crash, attributing the incident to technical problems, a...
  14. D

    Drone chips

    this is a chip that mujahideen found from possession of a pakistani guy who spied for america and agencies,,,this chip is put in a house secretly and later american drones target that house via gps coordinates.
  15. L

    Fighting back against the CIA drone war

    US Predator drones have played a large role in the CIA's extrajudicial killing program in Pakistan, where some 2,500 people in Pakistan, mostly civilians, have been killed by US forces since June 2004 [EPA] They call it "bug splat", the splotch of blood, bones, and viscera that marks the...
  16. Awanz

    Say No For Drone Attacks On Pakistan.. SAVE PAKISTANIS SAVE PAKISTAN...

    (cry)(cry)(cry)(cry)(cry)(cry)(cry)(cry)(cry)(cry) (cry)(cry)
  17. Rana Tahir Mahmood

    Iran denied attacking USA Drone - News Article

  18. L

    Latest In U.S. Drone Technology

  19. H

    Iran downs US spy drone near N-site.shame on pak army

    Iran has shot down a US drone which was flying over the Iranian province of Qom, a lawmaker says. A member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian Majlis (Ali Aqazadeh Dafsari, said on Tuesday that the unmanned spy plane was flying near the Fordo nuclear...
  20. biomat

    What is this?? Pakistani Drone crashed near korangi oil refinery???

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