Zulifqar Mirza interview on WAQT TV. (MUST WATCH)


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I think this is one of the best interview of Zulifqar Mirza by WAQT TV.

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This is a stupid one sided program... more to support sindhi separatists. He says MQM trained Mumbai attackers ??? never heard about that before. The anchor looks so scared to talk in front of Zulfikar Mirza
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ye sab game ha.zardari ki hukamat ab khatam honey walli ha ee liye ab balawal ko agay karne ka plan ha.pakistani bahiyo agar ppp pher ban gai tou 5 saal pher maro gey.zardari ne bahtto ka pora khandan khatam kar diya ha.beta baap pe jata ha maa pe nahi.balawal dosra zardari ha.main denmark mean rahta hon.yaqeen karo merey bahiyo.zardari hukamat ki waja sey pakistan ka naam nafrat se liya jata ha yahan.


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what nonsense did this idiot say about mass migration!

This is what pisses me off, kill altaf, zardari, sharifs etc etc etc for all i care, but dont talk about people who migrated, this screwed up man doesn't know anything when he talks about immigrants! Bloody immature idiot!