Ufone Launches Uth Futura A Mobile Phone Capable Of Accessing 3G Internet


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KARACHI: One of the countrys major cellular operators has launched a mobile phone capable of accessing 3G internet technology using PTCLs existing EVDO network, providing users with internet speeds never seen before in the country. So 3G is finally here kind of.
3G will be specifically available on this dual mode GSM+EVDO phone. The phone called Uth Futura is the first device of its kind, which doesnt use the normal 3G spectrum, rather relies on PTCLs existing network, the one used by EVDO USB devices. Hence, voice calls can be made via the Ufone network, and data accessed via the PTCL network, while PTCLs EVO network is unavailable data services will be run through GPRS.
Standard voice and sms charges apply, depending on the package the user subscribes to. Users can subscribe to two data packages one is an hourly package which charges Rs25 per hour, while the other is a monthly, limitless package, offering unlimited internet (currently, free of fair use limits) for Rs2,000 per month.
Interestingly, the phone can be used as a modem for a computer as well by connecting the data cable with the device, and the device to the PC. Unfortunately, WiFi is not supportive on this device. This opens up a new world of opportunities in internet browsing, and the device also gives users access to live television on the go.
Futura has a built in UMobile TV application which will initially offer eight channels, including PTV News, PTV Home, ATV, Express 24/7 and others. The Telco is offering users a 15-day free trial in order to familiarise themselves with the live TV facility. Additionally, on activation of the service, subscribers will be given ten free bonus hours of high speed 3G EVO internet, which can be utilised on the phone, and used while using the phone as a modem with a computer.
Ufones CEO Abdul Aziz claimed that the Futura a reasonably priced mobile phone will completely revamp the mind-set of internet and tech savvy users, by exposing them to high speed internet facilities at low costs.
Published in The Express Tribune, May 27th, 2011.



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if is true 3g then skype should work on it if not then its not 3g as skype needs 3g network.
(skype is free at the moment)


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What has skype tp d with 3g; skype works on any data package.... and using skype even on 3g is crap... lot of latency...

if ur talking teh UK 3 mobile skype thingie thts something completely different
if is true 3g then skype should work on it if not then its not 3g as skype needs 3g network.
(skype is free at the moment)


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Does that mean using a 3G enabled mobile phone (I dont know what I exactly mean) we can also avail these services if we are on ufone??