1. S

    Reality of Dark Web which is a source of huge income for some influentials

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  2. C

    Tired of PTCL service? Right way to register your Complaint!

    PTCL users keep suffering poor services of PTCL, their "Numaenda" which is supposed to sort out your matter in 24 hours never appears on time even after your 5-10 calls. So here is the right way to register your Complaint. ?????? Share your views!
  3. T

    PTCL gives existing users a chance to win 1 million MBs of data

    Despite of users’ complaints and speed issues, PTCL remains the largest ISP in Pakistan. It has now achieved another milestone on its official Facebook page. It has earned 1 million fans on its Facebook page and the number is still increasing. To celebrate this huge milestone, PTCL is now...
  4. A

    PTCL Ruthlessly Bombards Customers with Forced Popup ADs

    kia PTCL hamay muft internet service faraham kar rahi hai kay ab har site, har link khoolnay par smart tv ka ad aata hai????. :/ PTCL Ruthlessly Bombards Customers with Forced Popup ADs PTCL is once again bombarding its DSL and EVO customers with pop-up ads injected into the websites that they...
  5. T

    Pornoholic Pakistan

    Supreme Court ordered PTA to ban all porn websites on the internet. But is PTA still able to stop this epidemic which has been destroying western civilization for the past 60 years and is now destroying our generation. The reason I am calling porn an epidemic is that it spreads faster and has...
  6. sarmad

    History of the Internet

  7. QaiserMirza

    Internet Dating Side effects

    Internet Chating / Dating Side effects ???? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ????
  8. Geek

    Internet search engines cause poor memory, scientists claim

    Widespread use of internet search engines and databases such as Google and to find information is making people lose their memory, scientists claim. Researchers found increasing number of users relied on their computers as a form of external memory as frequent use of online...
  9. L

    Pakistan launches first Women Internet Radio Program

  10. Pakistani1947

    US Congressman Resigns In Internet Sex Scandal

    June 16, 2011 U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner is resigning from the House of Representatives after an Internet sex scandal. He apologized for what he called "personal mistakes" and for the embarrassment he caused. Weiner has admitted to exchanging explicit photographs and messages with six...
  11. Geek

    Ufone Launches Uth Futura A Mobile Phone Capable Of Accessing 3G Internet

    KARACHI: One of the countrys major cellular operators has launched a mobile phone capable of accessing 3G internet technology using PTCLs existing EVDO network, providing users with internet speeds never seen before in the country. So 3G is finally here kind of. 3G will be specifically...
  12. Adeel

    Imagine how ridiculous the current internet is going to seem in 20 years...

  13. A

    a good news for pakistanis.pakistan will be first country in world to offer 50MB internet connection

  14. Fursan

    New Ufone ad : internet card

  15. S

    Internet and its wrong Uses (Worth Reading Stories), especially for youth!!!

    Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum,
  16. digitalzygot

    Internet is worlds greatest spying machine

    LONDON: Julian Assange, the founder of whistleblower website WikiLeaks, Tuesday warned that the Internet was the “greatest spying machine the world has ever seen” and an obstacle to free speech. Speaking to students at Britain’s prestigious Cambridge University, the former computer hacker...