a good news for pakistanis.pakistan will be first country in world to offer 50MB internet connection


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Correction, Pakistan is offering this speed on DSL for the first time using the VDSL2 technology. In other parts of the world, the speed of internet has already surpassed 100 MBPS easily. I use a connection that has up to 300 Mbs speed.


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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GermanyT-Home, the landline division of Deutsche Telekom, offers VDSL2 services with download speeds up to 50 Mbit/s and upload speeds up to 10 Mbit/s based on FTTC. They started in late 2006 with offering VDSL2 in the 12 largest cities in Germany; in 2007 residents in over 50 cities have access to VDSL2.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Very_high_speed_digital_subscriber_line_2#cite_note-12 It is used to provide Triple play services. Deutsche Telekom is also proving the new LTE (4G) service. Further expansions are planned. Internet provider like Unity Media or Kabel Deutschland providing Triple play connection over 120Mbps. PTCL providing this service in 2011.

please elaborate a bit.whats the difference between these two terms
Mbps & MBit/s are exact the same: Mega Bit pro Seconds.


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I had 200 Mbps through cable operator. Now i changed to cheaper 100 Mbps (mega bit per second) through optic fiber which uses VDSL2 modem. bit is use for speed, byte is used for memory space.

And in Pakistan monthly account is just waste of money, if you don't have electricity for 8-10 hours in a day or maybe more.
First for what? using 30-40 years old telephone cables for achieving this speed .....


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Bijli ay gi to internet chalao ge na mere polay badshah......Ye to aisay hi hay nahane kay liya paani nahi aur chay three piece suit pehennay.........[hilar].


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Mere bhai 80Mbps to 3 saal pehlay mere office mai speed thi oor mere ghar mai 25 mbps speed hai yeh kya shoosha choor diya kai pehli baar 50Mbps la rha hai haan pakistan mai zaroor hosakta hai kai first time ho, any way good sign.