1. M

    Bollywood connection with Underworld Dons and Gangs

    MUMBAI: A leaked US diplomatic cable revealed by Wikileaks said that Bollywood welcomed funding from gangsters and politicians, known in India as "black money." The cable said that in recent decades, the Bollywood film industry has been associated with the notorious Mumbai underworld, at the...
  2. swing

    Zameer-Jism-Rooh (find the truth of Ur connection With Allah.S.W.T)

  3. harisuae

    Norway Attacker's Remote India Connection.

    By IANS Varanasi, July 26 (IANS) Norway's mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, whose bombing and shooting spree in Oslo left atleast 76 people dead, has a remote Indian connection. The combat badges of the 32-year-old's militant outfit were supplied by a weaver here...
  4. sherazopel

    A New Attack by Jews? Pathan (Pushtoon) Bani Israel Connection

    A New Attack by Jews Comments Please
  5. A

    a good news for pakistanis.pakistan will be first country in world to offer 50MB internet connection

  6. DashingPun

    All Cable Channels In Pakistan Are Vanished Any Connection With Raymond Davis Release??

    Only Sports Plus And some local Indian CD channels are in Our Area,Otherwise complete black hole,whats the situation in ur areas members;) KARACHI: The Cable Operators Association (CAP) has announced to observe all across country a 24-hour strike from 12:00 pm Saturday in protest against the...
  7. canadian

    After a missed connection, woman places an ad !!

    After a missed connection, woman places an ad Published On Thu Mar 10 2011 Nicole Baute Staff Reporter Linda Patterson has a regret, but she is determined to set it right. There was a man on her flight from Winnipeg to Toronto on Sunday attractive, not too tall, and smart enough to...
  8. R

    Davis case: updates thread