A New Attack by Jews? Pathan (Pushtoon) Bani Israel Connection


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What a load of crap

This is only to make jews fool who do not know nothing about Islam.

Sacrificing a goad is a muslim ritual, not pathan...:doh:

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why should we consider it an attack? This is a simple quest for origins, it should be supported and helped as much as possible. Some hundred years ago our ancestors chose a different path, without a doubt the right one and we will stick to that Insha Allah. Jewish people are our closest brothers and sisters in time. The political aspects of this discovery should be handled politically.


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Well, our ancestors do tell us that we might, and the keyword is might have been the lost tribe. My grandfather told me, so did everyone i know. But, it was one of the many possibilities. Aryans are in the list too, so do some say we are a mix of aryans, greeks, and turks. but this guy did say some really stupid things.

Gazni the tribe is not named after a lost Israelite tribe, its named after an ancient city that was named ghazni, it still is present in afghanistan. Afridi is derived from "praddi" which mean "the foreigners" or more accurately "parrai" in urdu as in apnay/parrai, because they are said to be descendents of greeks that settled when alexander came. i hate to be stereotypical but their noses do look a lot like ancient greeks. kinda like shahid afridi's nose. this elongated/crescent nose. There were many pathan jews in both afghanistan and pakistan in the pushtun belt but almost all left for isreal. There is still a synagogue in Peshawar, which has long been deserted. there is an indian pashtun who is currently conducting a genetic research of pashtuns in india funded by the govt of israel to find scientific link between us and the lost Israeli tribes.

So the base line, yep, its a probability. But this guys arguments are factually wrong. His links about the rivers and cities is wrong. their are more factual historical and scientific explanations for why there cities or rivers were named that contradict this guy's claims.
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Is israel trying to change the "Biblical map" of greater israel which they already mentioned "kurdistan" in Iraq,Herat in afghanistan and fata area in pakistan .Iraq and afghanistan has been divided into three parts and now what about pakistan? A very clever move by the jews and we have to be careful from their intentions ?
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if it is true then whey Jew,s are trying to destory Pushtoon belt???????????Afghanistan+Pakistan.
Since long Puhstoon are suffering much more then any one just b/c of Jew/American/West ..Perhaps they know that Pushtoon are really Bani-Israel but not Jews, ................
I read the book of Roshan Khan about Pushtoon and he also said the same thing...........Wallaho Alam.
My personal opinion it might be true b/c Pushtoon mostly have long nose (Look at Ghafar Khan/Wali Khan/Asfandar yar) but on the other hand the Pushtoon like Lodhi/Ghoori who was in India not have the same kind of nose ???????????So only Allah know the reality.............​


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Dont Blame the jews for every thing. This is a documentary ..what would jews get out of it. O yaar kuch aqal say kaam lia kero. There are many such documentaries made about origin of different races


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yes its truee. Pathans were used to be one the jewish tribe and also part of Greeks and turks. who converted into islam long ago


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The reason for this propaganda is that pathans are the ones aggressively fighting against the zionist loby so if the zionist loby tells pathans that they are jews, then the loby will also tell pathans that they are either meant to rule the world or they are meant to fight against the muslims. So as a result the pathans will leave islam.


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If this news involved mqm karkuns instead of pashtoons/pakhtoons ..you would eliminate or deny the same hadith ,wouldn't you ? HYPOCRITE S.O.Bs
mqm ka karkanoo ka zakar be hadit ma ha aur ma nay kabhi inkar nahi kia.jahan be sitan ka chaloo ki baat hoti ha mqm ka zikar hi hota ha