Transporters to lose route permits over timber smuggling


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ABBOTTABAD, Sept 20: Commissioner of Hazara Abid Ali Khan on Friday ordered cancellation of the route permits of the vehicles used for illegal transportation of timber in the division.
He also directed the administrations of all six districts of the division to seize the timber lying in different parts of Hazara.

The commissioner was speaking during a meeting here, where officials of the district administration, police, and environment and forest departments were in attendance.

Mr Abid said the campaign against timber smugglers was in full swing and the transporters involved in the illegal movement of timber would lost vehicle route permits.
He said dealing with the forest issues was the responsibility of the forest department but the department had miserably failed to deliver the goods.

The commissioner complained about the mushroom growth of sawmills in the division and said the sawmills should have been monitored by the forest department instead of police and the district administration.

He said the government was concerned about the massive cutting of forests and wanted to save the forests of Hazara division at every cost.
Mr Abid warned the forest department to de-link themselves from timber smugglers and said those found siding with smugglers would be dealt with strictly.
He said motorboats would be provided to Haripur police to check timber smuggling from Tarbela Lake, while the illegal transportation of goods and passengers by boats would be checked.

The commissioner said timber smugglers would be tried in anti-terrorist courts.

Also in the day, a meeting at the commissioner’s office here decided to form the special committees in every district to monitor the functioning of government departments for accountability.
The participants, including all deputy commissioners, DPOs, DIG Hazara and the health department officials, said the people of good repute would be made part of the monitoring committees.
Meanwhile, Director (Livestock) Dr Abdul Alvi on Friday asked cattle farmers to spray their animals against Congo fever.

He told reporters here that cattle farmers should spray their animals and give the recommended med-icines to them to prevent the deadly disease.

The director said the government would build 10 slaughterhouses in different parts of the province with the help of the Turkish government.
He said the proposed slaughterhouse would have the latest equipment and machinery to check the health of animals brought in so that necessary measures could be taken to prevent diseases.
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Now that is called a fine. A fine should to imposed to prevent a person from doing a wrong thing again and not to just make fun of the law. Because many people find the fine to be worth taking the risk, but when there is unbearable fine(like in Dubai) then people may be stopped from doing a wrong thing.


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Good Work & Great News! If all that keeps on going like this, good in fact great for KPK & Pakistan. :jazak:(clap)


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Well I expect more from IK as he himself knows the extent of damage to the Forests and his plan should not only include the stoppage of smuggling timber but also re-forestation which would stop flash floods and could be another source of income if taken on commercially.

khan afghan1

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If we protect these forests and only control cutting under strict rules is allowed
believe me people from all over the world will come to see and local businesses
and people will earn more than from one time cutting.Local population should unite
against these timber mafia and protect the forests also same steps should be taken
to grow more trees.Thanks KPK.