Salman Butt comments on team Pak performance in 1st match of World Cup 2019


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ager aamir ko lay aye to butt ko bhi lay atay because bowlers to Pak ko mil jatay hain batsmen nhi hain in k paas
Why our media even invite him for expert comments?. Fine he served his ban and he is allowed to play cricket (because that is his bread and butter so he can earn) but he should never be invited to any media event and treat him as an expert.


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Did he even watch the game yesterday?
Two bouncers allowed and then Pakistan could have played rest of the overs. What a joke
The were bowling all 6 short pitch deliveries.
This is the reason crowd was angry. Hafeez smirked at the umpires as well for the same reason. The commentators were surprised at the umpiring. When one of the commentators said that Andre Russel 30 percent deliveries were short pitch, Wasim Akram responded his 100 percent deliveries were short pitch deliveries.
When I studied clinical psychology in Australia I was taught, it is very easy to give a solution to someone about life's problems. It is extremely difficult to advise ourselves about life's problems with the same solutions.
From sideline anyone can be Einstein but in the ground it is a different story. What is Salman Butts performance in the world Cup he has played we all know.
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Beghairat aadmi spent jail time in UK and still is shamelessly coming on TV. Our nation has no shame, sense of regret, conscious at all.


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Typical Noora question, salman sab agar aap ko kuptani milay tu aap kia karo gay?
Abhy chootiay is kuttay ko jab pehlay captancity milli thi aur iss nay apni maan baichi, phir milli tu phir baichay ga, aur kia karay ga.
Lanat hi iss dunya k ghatia tareen media per jo iss jaisay gadaroon ko beeper per laitay hain.
Have you seen shrishant coming on TV and telling Indian team how to play?